Roku keeps losing connection

Roku is the latest smart device connected with tv to stream different films, entertainment shows, and live channels. But, it would be best if you had a stable internet connection with roku otherwise it will keep losing connection and ruin your watch experience.

A Roku device without an internet connection is just a box so if your roku keeps losing connection then there are various reasons responsible for this issue.

First of all, you must have 5mbps speed to stream different live channels like Amazon prime video, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Other major reasons Roku TV keeps losing connection from the internet are an internet router, outdated software, a network service outage in the area, or Roku app issues.

If any of these issues happen and the roku device loose internet connection then reboot the internet router and roku device. Keep reading this article for all possible solutions to fix this issue.

Roku keeps losing connection

A stable internet connection is very important to approach all the media content on Roku.

If you have low internet speed and weak internet signal strength then you can not watch the content because the roku device will keep losing connection.

If you are experiencing problems with your roku device because it is not connecting to wifi signals then it happens mostly due to weak wifi signals, out-of-range distance from the router, and sometimes due to a faulty router.

Dont worry and try the solutions and steps to fix the problem.

Reboot the router

reboot the router

If you are watching your favorite live channels on a roku device but it keeps losing connection to the internet then it is annoying because it wastes all the watch experience.

Firstly, check the internet modem if the red light is blinking on it then it means no internet service so press the power switch on the modem to turn it off.

Disconnect the modem cord from the internet for a few moments and reconnect the cord to power the router.

Wait for another two minutes and try to connect the roku with an internet connection and launch the channel.

If it starts streaming the content without buffering and losing connection then your issue is solved. However, if roku keeps losing connection then move forward to the next point.

Restart the roku

When you face any technical issues like keep losing connection on roku then restarting the device is always the first option because it clears the little glitches and bugs issues.

Restarting the tv means giving it a complete power cycle. Turn off the tv with the remote and remove the plug from the electrical source or power socket for one minute. If your tv is overheated then wait for 20 minutes to cool down the components.

Reconnect the cord in the outlet and power on your tv. Connect your tv with wifi signals and open the channel to see if it is working well or keeps losing connection.

Move Roku closer to the router

move roku closer to the router

The distance between the internet router and roku matters a lot in a stable internet connection.

If your internet router is fixed in one room in the house and the roku is placed in another room then it then there will be weak signal strength and the roku will keep losing connection.

Roku app not connecting to tv

Its simple solution is to move your router near the roku device or if it is not possible then move the router close to the tv to minimize the distance and increase the signal strength.

You have to minimize the out-of-range distance between the roku and the router for a stable network connection.

Outdated roku firmware

If your roku is continuously disconnecting from the internet modem and there is no network issue then it may be outdated software or firmware in roku.

Nowadays, it’s crucial to keep updating your smart devices and apps to download the latest software version on the device.

If you are still using the software version earlier than 5.1 then immediately update your roku software to remove network connection and streaming issues on roku.

Maximum modem users

maximum modem users

The internet connection also keeps losing connection due to more number of users and smart devices connected with one router.

Some internet modems have the option to connect only 5 to 6 smart devices so if you connect more than 6 smart devices with the router then it will start buffering the live channels and media content.

It also depends upon the internet speed you have on your modem. If the internet speed on the modem is 2mbps and you have connected many devices with one modem then surely roku will keep disconnecting.

In this situation you have two choices, either upgrade your internet speed from 2mbps to 5 Mbps or remove the maximum modem users to watch live streaming on roku. Roku remote light blinking

A faulty cable router

If the router cable is faulty and is worn out from different places then it could also be the main cause of the roku keep losing internet connection.

If your roku device is placed close to the modem and still there is slow internet speed then check the internet speed on your smartphone. Open any website and start streaming the content.

If it is also running slow then it may be a faulty cable router causing the problem so you have to purchase a new high-quality cable router for stable internet connection speed.

Service outage

If all the smart devices have slow internet speed or no speed then your roku device is maybe losing network connection due to an internet service outage in the area.

If rebooting and resetting the roku and router does not increase the internet speed then call the local service center to inform them about the issue.

Sometimes there are maintenance issues occur and service is interrupted for short time.

Outdoor weather also affects the internet speed so if there is heavily raining or snowfall outside then your internet speed will down automatically and you can only wait in such a situation.


The post conclusion is if you are suffering from roku keep disconnecting from the internet then make sure the roku device is connected to the internet router.

Restart your roku and internet router and try to bring close teh both devices with each other for a fast and stable internet connection. Remove too many users from one internet router to increase signal strength.

If nothing works then your last bet is to contact the roku support center for more help. Roku no picture only sound