Roku app not connecting to tv

Roku app not connecting to tv. The Roku app is the latest platform to watch different films, entertainment shows, and dramas on your tv. However, if you are having some trouble to not to connect the roku app with your tv, then the first and easy step to troubleshoot this issue is to restart the roku unit.

If restarting the device does not fix the problem and you are still unable to connect the app to your television, then don’t lose hope because there are several; reasons responsible for this issue. It can also happen due to roku tv settings and network issues between the smartphone and the tv.

If the roku app suddenly starts buffering and it shows a black screen on tv, then change the channel to see if other channels are also buffering or if the issue is happening only with one channel.

If only one channel is showing a black screen, then you can not do anything in this situation but if all videos are buffering, then keep reading this post to learn how to reconnect the roku app with the tv.

Roku app not connecting to tv

The Roku app is best for those people who love to watch online videos from the internet to smart tv because it is an easy process to connect your android smartphone to your tv by downloading the app on your phone.

However, sometimes you face hassle connecting the app to the tv due to network issues, HDMI problems, and tv settings.

Read this blog before you call a professional because I will discuss all possible causes and fixes related to the roku app.

Power cycle the tvpower cycle the tv

If your app is not connecting with the tv, then the first troubleshooting tip is to give a power cycle to the tv to reconnect the app.

Sometimes, the app buffers on the tv screen due to a signal transmission problem. It happens with every electronic device so so don’t get panic.

So, the first tip to resolve this problem is to restart the tv because, in most cases, just restarting the tv device fixes the issue.

Now, restarting the tv does not mean only pressing the power switch and switching off the tv. You have to unplug your smart tv power cord from the socket for 3 to 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, insert the cable in the outlet and turn on the tv. Reconnect the app with your smart tv; if it is streaming the videos, then excellent, but if you are still receiving a black screen on your tv, follow the next steps.

Different internet connection

It’s indispensable to connect the app and smart tv with the same internet connection.

If you try to connect the tv to another network and the app to another wireless network, then they will not connect with each other.

So, make sure to link the app and tv with one router in the home for streaming the videos and shows.

Restart the modemrestart the modems

If your roku app is buffering on TV, it sometimes happens due to sudden internet connection firewalls. Its simple solution is to restart the modem and the roku app.

But, you need to restart the app and modem after one minute and reconnect both of them. If there is a software glitches issue, the videos will hopefully start streaming on TV.

If the app is not streaming the channel, then it may be internet connection issues and so contact your local internet service provider to fix the weak connection problem.

Restart the smartphone

Another easy step to troubleshoot this issue is to turn off the smartphone for five minutes, after five minutes, restart the smartphone and reconnect it with the wifi connection.

After power cycling, your smartphone it now launches the app and connects it to your smart tv to stream Netflix.

Using a VPN

You can not use the VPN to connect the app to your smart tv. So, if you have connected your smartphone to the VPN, then there are maximum chances that you can not stream the app on your tv.

Tv settings

If you are watching a movie on one channel by connecting the roku app with your smart tv and suddenly it starts buffering, then check other channels.

If other channels are streaming the videos, then open the tv settings and remove this channel and then add it to the list.

  • First of all, move the mouse cursor toward the channel with your remote control.
  • Push the * button on your remote control.
  • Select ‘Remove’ from the option.
  •  Enter your PIN code to remove that channel.
  • Click ‘Streaming Channels’ to add the removed channel on your tv.
  • Locate your favorite channel from the list.
  • Reinstall the channel

Private network

One more thing to keep in mind if you are a new user and first time connecting the roku app to your tv to watch youtube videos, you must have a private network connection to link the roku app and tv.

If you use a public IP, you cannot link between the tv and the roku app.

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Check the HDMI cablescheck the hdmi cables

Sometimes the HDMI cables make no connection issue between the roku app and the smart tv.

Ensure no cords are disconnected from the Roku device. If any wire is detached, then reconnect it tightly.

You also have to check the HDMI wires at the back side of the tv because sometimes they become loose due to the accumulation of dust in the ports.

If any HDMI power cable is loose, then reinsert it in the tv ports.


The last words in this article are after reading all the troubleshooting tips. Hopefully, now you can easily connect the Roku app to your television.

There is no need to hire a professional to connect the roku app to your tv because it is not a complicated and challenging task.

You just only need to have basic information, like you can not use a public IP network and VPN on your cell phone to link the app and smart tv.

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