Roku remote light blinking

Many people use Roku devices for entertainment purposes in the home, but it is worrying to see the green light blinking on the roku remote.
When you see the roku remote light blinking, then it means the remote is trying to connect with the Roku device. Dont worry, it happens due to some technical problems.

The first thing to keep in mind is to take special care of your roku remote, like don’t allow your children to use and play with the remote.

Do not press the remote buttons with a lot of force because the remote buttons are damaged if you push them hard.

In the case of the remote light blinking, replace the batteries, repair the remote with a roku device, check HDMI cable connections, update the latest version in the roku device, etc.

Before you purchase new remote control for your roku device, read this guide to resolve this trouble.

Roku remote light blinking

The roku device remote demands a lot of care because if you use it roughly, then it will start malfunctioning.

If your roku remote light is flashing, then check the color of the light on the remote control. If the yellow light is blinking on the remote, it means the remote has some pairing issue with the roku device.

If the green light blinks on the roku remote control, it indicates the user to change the remote batteries.

So, let’s discuss one by one all the troubleshooting tips to fix all the types of light blinking on the remote control.

Power cycle the roku device

power cycle the roku device

When you experience any technical issues with your smart roku device and remote control, then your first must be to power cycle the roku device.

Power cycle the device clears the glitches and kills the bugs. Power off your roku device with the remote power button and remove the cable from the wall receptacle for seconds.

After a few seconds, put the cable back in the socket and turn on your tv to test.

Check remote batteries

check remote batteries

Using quality batteries in your roku remote control is always essential because it is the most used device in our daily routine.

Last month, when I returned from my office and planned to watch my favorite movie on roku, I realized the remote was not working, and the green light was blinking on the remote.

I opened the remote back chamber and replaced the dead batteries in the remote, and the remote started working smoothly.

Anyhow, when you see a green light flashing on the remote, drag out the batteries from the remote chamber. Take a soft sponge and carefully clean the dust and corrosion from the remote terminals.

Always purchase quality lithium batteries to use in roku remote control and avoid using rechargeable batteries in the remote. Lastly, immediately replace the batteries in the remote when the battery life is over.

Check cable connection

check cable connection

Issues with your HDMI connection can also be a reason why is not working. Ensure that your HDMI cable is connected properly and the cable is intact and undamaged.

Another reason of Roku remote light is blinking is due to a loose HDMI cable connection. So, make sure all your cable connections are tightly connected to the right ports.

If the cable is tightly connected, but the light is still blinking on the remote, then drag out the cable from that port and try to insert it into another port to fix the power issue.

If you see any damage sign on the cable, then replace the HDMI cable with a new one.

Roku remote blinking green light


Suppose there is no problem with roku remote batteries because you replaced them a few days ago, and the green light is still blinking on the remote control.

In that case, signal interference may be from other smart devices like smartphones, sound speakers, Bluetooth earphones, Alexa echo devices, and ring cameras placed close to the roku.

So, in this case, try to change the smart device placed close to roku to fix the green light blinking issue on the remote control.

Repair the Remote

repair the remote

If you see the yellow light flashing on the roku remote, then it means there is some pairing issue between both devices. So, you need to repair the remote with the roku device through these steps.

  • Turn off your roku device and open the remote back chamber.
  • Drag out the batteries from the remote chamber.
  • Put the batteries in the remote carefully according to the right terminals.
  • Turn on your roku device.
  • Long press the reset buttons for 5 seconds.
  • Pull out the hand when you see the light starts blinking.
  • The device will reboot itself.
  • Follow the pairing instructions.

Change the remote

If you have followed all steps described in this guide and, unfortunately, you are unable to fix the problem because the light is still flashing on the remote control, then your last bet is to purchase the new remote instead of this.

Tcl tv light blinking

Sometimes the remote control completely stops working if it falls on the floor or has glitches.

I am suggesting you purchase a new remote because if you go for repairing the remote option, the professional will also take charges.

The better option is to purchase a new remote control and take special care of it.


My last words on this directory are it’s worrying to see the light blinking on your roku remote control, but it depends on the light color to understand the problem.

Make sure your roku device is connected to an internet modem, and there is no issue with a network connection.

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