Ring floodlight keeps turning on and off

Ring floodlight keeps turning on and off. Motion sensitivity is the reason the floodlight of your ring doorbell keeps powering on and off.

Too high sensitivity settings bring the floodlight to behave in powering issue. The wrong set time of the ball can restart the well and power the floodlight off as well.

My Ring doorbell, like other Ring bells, comes with a floodlight. The floodlight to me has been useful, but the floodlight of the bell gave me the wrong impression by powering off and turning on by its own choice.

The floodlight of the bell startled me and made me think about the Ring doorbell. I thought the Ring doorbell was done, and the bell won’t work smoothly again. I was wrong.

The sensitivity issue and other floodlight issues I found helped me fix them. The floodlight stopped misbehaving after my fix.

Ring floodlight keeps turning on and off

Having a Ring doorbell that gives security for free is a great thing. The camera and the light on the Ring doorbell are quite useful for security and getting informed through the bell.

But sometimes, the floodlight on the doorbell gives you the creeps by powering whenever it likes.

Having your doorbell floodlight powering off when you need it and turning itself when you don’t care is a big problem.

The turning of the doorbell’s floodlight can be caused if the sensitivity of the doorbell is set too high. The incorrect time setting of the doorbell causes the floodlight issues too.

Power issue

power issue

The floodlight of the bell works with power too. The Ring doorbell can work on battery and electricity by wiring too.

Sometimes the power lags to the floodlight, and this causes the floodlight to power off, and other times the power from behind becomes stable and turns the light on again.

The same goes for the doorbells with batteries. The battery can be weak, and that makes the floodlight dysfunctional and show off-and-on behavior.

If the Ring doorbell is working on the battery, or both battery and the power, replace the battery.

The battery of the Ring doorbell is easy to take out. Just unscrew the safety panel and remove it. After removing the safety panel, you will be able to access the batteries.

Take the batteries out and insert the new batteries that are charged. AA batteries will be used in the bell. Check the other source if the power isn’t from the battery.

Set the issue in the other power source and make the Ring doorbell’s floodlight get smooth power.

The smooth power to the ring doorbell will make the floodlight work as well. Resetting the doorbell after setting power will make it fresh.

Motion sensor range

motion sensor range

There are sensors in the doorbell that are very fast in detecting objects and people. The sensor is great for detecting people that pass through and stop in front of your house.

The range of the sensors allows the sensors to get what the sensors require.

Well, the sensors do not require detection of every single thing, and the range of the sensor is proof of that. Ring doorbell sensors are of great quality, and their range of senses is pretty great.

The wide range of the doorbell’s sensor allows the sensor to detect the object it should, but sometimes the range of the sensor is set too wide.

This wide range of sensors detects things from afar too. People that are sitting in the yard. This wide range makes the sensor detect and makes the floodlight power off and on.

If the range of your motion is set to wide, then you need to decrease the range so that the objects that are not in the range of the door are not detected by it, making the floodlight power on. The range is set with sensitivity, like below.



Sensors, as explained above, are present in the bell. The angle of the bell and the range of detection in the bell are created for the sensitivity of the bell.

The higher the sensitivity of the bell is set, the better the range of detection of the bell will be. The sensitivity and range are related to the floodlight on bad terms.

If the sensors detect too much and then undetected because of their sensibility, the floodlight will go on and off according to it.

Check the sensitivity of the sensors to know if sensitivity is causing the floodlight to go berserk. If so, set a single zone off and see the floodlight again.

If the zone makes it better, then turn all the zones of the Ring bell off. You can set the zones and set the sensitivity if you know how; if not, read these steps.

  • Sensitivity setting fix

This fix will solve both range and too many sensitivity problems. Go to the Ring app and then to its settings.

Select the there line on the edge. Select the device and select the camera that needs adjustment. Select the device schedule option. Now go to the light schedule.

You can set the light’s schedule in this option. YOu can use manual control in the bell and override all the lights and set them.

You can use motion control to set the sensor’s range and the sensitivity level so the light will be back to normal. Setting manually gives you a lot of options.

Incorrect time

You have set the sensor range and the level of sensitivity, but that wasn’t the only floodlight issue. The issue with floodlights includes time in it as well.

The time in the Ring doorbell matters a lot. The correct time displays and senses the correct setting. The floodlight is attached to time.

This means the set time will make the floodlight on, and the set time also takes the initiative to turn the floodlight off when the light is not needed.

What if the flood light is set at the right time, but the time of the doorbell is incorrect? The floodlight will turn on and off according to the wrong time.

Resetting the light can bring the time back to the original term, but manually checking the time and correcting the time through syncing is better than waiting for the whole reset.

Wi-Fi issue

wi fi issue

Setting the sensors and setting the time can be all, but sometimes the sensitivity and time are both sets, yet the floodlight still misbehaves.

If the floodlight still turns itself off, then Wi-Fi can be the floodlight’s or the whole bell’s problem.

Wi-Fi is required by the floodlight, just like the camera of the bell. Wi-Fi affects the sensitivity and the time as well. The time can get out of sync without Wi-Fi.

Check the doorbell through the app and make sure the Wi-Fi is causing the floodlight to misbehave. You can notice the floodlight issues being caused by Wi-Fi beforehand.

The physical source blockage and no internet access from the connection are its symptoms too.

If Wi-Fi is the problem, then a proper Wi-Fi fix is needed to ensure the floodlight getting synced and not powering off. Rest the router and reconnect the Ring doorbell for this.

Firmware issues

The last flood light pouring issue is probably in its firmware. If the floodlight hasn’t stopped misbehaving, firmware should be checked.

The firmware of the Ring doorbell is the same as any other software. Bugs don’t treat any software kindly, and the Ring app is no exception.

Bugs invade the Ring app and cause its floodlight to be dysfunctional. The dysfunctional floodlight is unable to hold against the firmware bugs, and the floodlight powers off.

The same goes for powering on. The floodlight is not in charge of its problem. If your floodlight has bugs in its firmware, check for the Ring app update.

If there is any update in the Ring app, upgrade it. The firmware of the Ring doorbell can be upgraded by tapping the updates.

In case no updates appear, Reset the doorbell through the Ring app. Resetting the doorbell means bringing default settings without any bugs.


Having the floodlight in the doorbell powering without knowledge is bad, but the fixes above are applicable. The sensor issue is mostly found because of settings.

Time is also an issue because of settings. Wi-Fi and firmware are both related to settings too. Solve the floodlight issues through the above examples. Thanks for reading.

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