Light stays on when switch is off

Light stays on when switch is off. As we know, there are dozens of lights swapped in any house for lighting purposes.

Sometimes the malfunctioning occurred in the on and off operation of the lights.

If you sign that your light won’t get off by switching off the plug immediately after installations then it is advised to immediately turn the circuit breaker off because it might be a problem of wrong wiring in the switch off.

Light stays on when switch is off

But if your novel any kind of sudden commotion in the working of light after a long-ago then you should discover the delinquent of malfunctioning; there might be issues in either the switch or either in the circuit terminals.

If the switch is the reason for toggling matters, then there is no way better than this to replace the switch with a new one because it is not much expensive to buy.

Installation procedureLight Stays On When Switch Is Off

Furthermore, the installation procedure is also the easiest, so you don’t prerequisite to call the electricians for this; you can also do it on your own by using the precautioning measures.

If you don’t have the time, you do it immediately, then try to switch off the breaker so that the energy is not get wasted.

How to find the Problem?How To Find The Problem Light Swith

But there arises a question that how one will find that the problem is in the switch or the wires present in the terminal box.

So, we will advocate you to keep reading the article so that you will find out the basic and the easiest tips about setting the malfunctioning of lights and endow them to work efficiently.

Wires in the box

There are several wires in the box, so it is difficult to recognize the wires creating the issues but firstly, we should check the functioning of the switch.

For this purpose, all you need is the voltage tester and the safety gloves because safety comes first.

Turn the switch

Now turn the switch on and then touch the two of the brass terminals with the help of the leads of the voltage meter; make sure that the LED of the tester lights up.

Turn the switch off

Now turn the switch off and then again touch the brass terminals with the tester leads; if the LEDs of the tester again light up then surely the problem is with the switch.

Now you must replace the switch to regain proper functioning. If you don’t replace it on time then it will create massive destruction.

But if the switch is working properly, then now it’s time to find out which wire is creating a disturbance.

It might be a tricky and somewhat risky procedure, so take the precautionary measures under your focused considerations.

Check the error

Now to check the error, disconnect all the wires from one another and take a voltage meter with two leads; now, turn the breaker on and touch the voltage meter turn by turn to each wire.

When the LED of the voltage meter lightens up, then this will be the wire that needs to be replaced or fixed.

So if your light turns on while the switch is off, the above-crafted article will for sure help you with this concern.

LED Lights Won’t Turn Off

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