Ring Chime Pro Troubleshooting

Ring Chime Pro Troubleshooting. A Ring Chime Pro adds convenience, comfort, plus most importantly, safety to your home.

Strangers can’t know if you’re inside or engaging distantly through the Ring application because Ring Chime includes a lens to watch the main gate as well as a mic to converse with someone who rings a bell.

The application automatically informs users whenever any guest comes to the main gate and rings the bell, and it also provides camera footage from the camera.

People inside the house will be allowed to see visitors, but guests only can hear the person inside. Movement updates are also sent to the application via the lens.

So, if you are facing any kind of issue and don’t know what to do, then read this article till the end; you might be able to analyze the problem and can fix it easily. That’s better than calling a service care center.

Ring Chime Pro Troubleshooting

You have installed the device and are now waiting for the ring chime to accompany it.

You followed all instructions, but it’s still not working, and you have been facing an issue with the ring chime pro. There are a few steps you can take to solve your issue.

Do you ever wonder if your internet connection is up and running? Better to double-check your internet connection.

Wi-Fi Checkring chime pro troubleshooting 2021

Confirm that Chime Pro is hooked up with the internet. One possibility is that Chime itself is not connected and thus is not working properly.

The connection of Chime pro with Wifi is one of its nicest features, contrary to Bluetooth, so it is used for ordinary doorbells or smart doorbells.

If ring Chime pro is not lightning for no good purpose, then the very first you have to take is to reconnect the internet connection.

After checking the internet connection, you will have the notion of your connection. Let’s suppose the network is connected, unplug the connection, and then reconnect it to hope the problem is resolved.

Disable any VPN connection to your internet, so you don’t ever face a problem again.

  1. Start the ring app and then click on the menu.
  2. Now, go to devices and choose chime pro and toggle to Device Health, then go to reconnect network.
  3. Choose a WiFi network according to the circumstances; only one network will be allowed to connect, so link with it after giving the device the password of the internet.

Network stability issue

If Chime Pro continuously disconnects from WiFi, then your signal strength might be a problem. To overcome signal strength issues, place the device close to the internet.

Power Outlet

Like all other electronic devices, doorbell chimes need electricity. It is advised to select a Ring Doorbell without switches and sufficient voltage for the device to work properly.

When you’re experiencing trouble with it as well, try hooking another device into the outlet to guarantee your power supply is fully functioning.

If facing problems with it too, then start it with an outlet. Verify by connecting Ring Chime Pro in different circuits and locate issues to fix them efficiently.

How can we troubleshoot Ring Chime Pro that doesn’t make a sound?troubleshoot ring chime pro that doesn’t make a sound

Most people face an issue with Ring Chime Pro that doesn’t usually alert when there’s any notification but first if you are facing any problem like not getting sounds when you receive any notifications.

So to overcome this issue, you just have to follow the following steps.

  1. Click your Ring app, then choose the Devices, then tap the Chime Pro.
  2. To resolve the issue, just click Audio Settings from the menu and then select the Chime Alert button. Click on the notification option to turn it on.
  3. To resolve any volume problem, just go to Chime Tones, then ensure the Chime Volume is enabled, so set the sound to a high level.

Is Ring Chime Pro still not working?

The major problem with Ring Chime Pro is it’s not ringing. Normally the issue may be with its altering settings. That’s why to check the settings and set them as:


  1. Tap the Ring app when it is opened now; you have to go to the menu and open the Devices and activate Chime Pro.
  2. After opening Chime Pro, you should choose Audio settings from it. Now from the drop-down menu, you should go to chime alerts.
  3. You may see a running man symbol. If this icon is grey, then they are turned off if you want the sound turned on.


We have mentioned all the possible ways of  Troubleshooting; therefore, you can easily troubleshoot any problem and fix it without any difficulty. But if you can’t diagnose any issue, then it’s better to contact your nearest service care center.

Ring Chime Pro Troubleshooting

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