Remove faucet without basin wrench

Remove faucet without basin wrench. A faucet is a truly fundamental installation in our homes or workspaces because of its adaptability and convenience.

Getting the right type of faucets makes your life easy. But sometimes you have to change the faucet, and the reason could be anything.

Rather, you have to remove it for cleaning purposes, to change the water filters, the faucet is leaking water or maybe there is something wrong with water pressure.

It could be any reason that you have to remove the faucet. The process of removing through a plumber could be expensive so many homeowners prefer to DIY it.

To remove the faucet, you need the best tools for that. And there is no doubt that the best tool to remove a faucet is a faucet wrench also known as a base wrench because it makes it easier to remove the faucet but What if you don’t have a faucet wrench available at home?

Well, you can still do it by yourself by digging into your toolbox and looking for the best alternative. The best alternative for a basin wrench could be a basic wrench and a screwdriver.

Remove faucet without basin wrenchremove faucet without basin wrench 2022

Well, many people find it very tricky to remove a faucet without a basin wrench but you can surely do it with the best possible alternatives. Make yourself calm and your faucet will be removed shortly. But before anything you need some tools.

Required Tools to Remove Faucet

The best tool to remove the faucet is Basin Wrench but we are using alternatives.

  • Basic Adjustable wrench
  • Skewering Oil or Grease.
  • Cloth Towel
  • Measuring tape.
  • Screw Driver.
  • Any sharp object or plastic scraper.

Now after you are done collecting all the above tools, now it’s time to start.

Step 1: Collection of Required tools

Now if you are not working with the most essential tool which is the basin wrench then you have to choose and collect the best alternative tools to start your process smoothly.

Step 2: Switch Off The Valves

Now after collecting all the required tools its time to switch off the water valves because while detaching your faucet your water will start flowing and this will leads to being in a flood that you have to clean up later.

So preventing yourself from water flood and a lot of mess you have to switch off the water valves. Don’t forget to place a bucket under the faucet because after switching the valves off.

Still water is left in the pipelines. So the bucket will help you store that water.

Step 3: Releasing The Pressure

After switching the valves off its time to release the pressure because there is a lot of air stored in a faucet in the absence of water.

You can release the pressure by simply opening the faucet. After opening it leave it for a few minutes so that all the stored air goes out and you can continue doing your work.

 Step 4: Disconnection of The Water Lines

This part is going to be a bit tricky because waterlines are connected directly with the faucet and removing them could be a bit sticky part as it depends on the age of your faucet. Use an adjustable wrench or pliers (if needed) to remove the water lines.

Disconnection of water lines assure that there is no pressure in the faucet and now you can remove your faucet smoothly.

Step 5: Releasing The Nuts

Now after completing the above steps, nuts are finally revealed, now you can start releasing them by greasing them. simple grease them and wait for a few minutes to let them unwind properly and then remove them with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 6: Disjoin And Release The Hose

If you are done doing all the above steps, you really want to eliminate every one of the screws to remove the hose. To start with, you need to detach the hose from the sink and afterwards take out the faucet.

On the off chance that you can do that, then you are done eliminating your kitchen faucet without the assistance of a basin wrench.


Is it possible to remove the faucet without a basin wrench?

Well, there is no doubt that the best-recommended tool to remove faucets is a Basin wrench but Yes, you can surely remove faucets even without a basin wrench by using the best possible alternatives.

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