Remove delta faucet handle no visible screws

Remove delta faucet handle no visible screws. These days delta faucet handles with no visible screws are in trend, and most likely, people prefer them over other faucets with visible screws because faucets with no visible screws will give a sleek and elegant fine look.

Now sometimes you have to remove the delts faucet’s handle because of many reasons, and the reasons to remove the faucets’ handle are as follows.

Remove delta faucet handle no visible screwsremove delta faucet handle no visible screws

Step-1: Shutting down the water supply

Before we start anything, you have to shut the water supply off because if we do not do so, then it will cause a kitchen flood because a collapsed carriage can cause a sudden burst of water coming out of the faucet, and that’s going to be a messier part.

Step-2: Putting down the bucket

After Shutting down, the water supply put a bucket down the water valves because after closing the water supply.

There is still water left in the pipes and in the faucet as well, so make sure to put the bucket down so that bucket can help you catch extra excessive water.

Step-3: Putting down a piece of cloth

After shutting the water supply, you have to put a piece of cloth under the main valve so you can’t lose things like screws and other tools down the drain.

Step-4: Looking for Cap

Now it’s time to find the cap. You can look up the cap on the top of the faucet. If you can’t find it on the top, then try looking at the side of the faucet.

After you are done finding your cap, it’s time to remove it. To remove the cap, you have to move it in a counter-clock direction, and the cap is removed.

Step-5: Finding Hidden Screws

After removing the cap now, you have found the hidden screws. Now use an Allen wrench to remove the screws. This is the screw that holds the handle set up.

Now screws are fully removed not is time to pull up the handle; you can simply pull up your hand by using pliers but make sure to hold the handle by wrapping cloth around because cloth is going to prevent it from scratches

Now after removing the handle now, you can simply do your process of cleaning or replacing of cartage or filter.

Common Reasons for removing Delta Faucet’s Handles

There could possibly be a lot of reasons that lead you to remove delta faucet handles, but very common reasons are:

For Cleaning Purpose

Sometimes you cannot fully clean faucet handles without removing them. Vinegar can help you remove any mineral coatings that are blocking the faucet.

Maintaining the cleaning of faucets can help you maintain their efficiency.

Leaked Faucet

We can fix the problem by checking valves and checking which part of the faucet is worn so we can replace it to stop it from leaking.

Filter replacement

Filter mouths impurify stuff to stop them while passing through the faucet. Filter replacement is a very common and important thing to keep maintain the efficiency of faucets.

Faucet Handle Replacement

Faucet handles play an important role in making faucets to looks elegant and fine versatile. Over time they get outdated, so to keep them updated, it is good to replace them.

Cartridge Replacement: If you are facing a problem with the water pressure, then it’s time to change the cartridge because this will solve your problem.

After you are done identifying your problem now, you want to remove the delta faucet’s handle, but the question is

How will you remove it with no screws?

Well, most probably, there are screws, but the screws are hidden. Now you lookup for different ways to find out about hidden screws. Well, here they are.

Ways to find out about Hidden Screws:

There are not very complicated ways to find out where the hidden screws rather, they are very simple and if you are done locating screws, removing the faucet’s handles are going to be a very straightforward process.

  • There is usually a screw hidden behind underneath the cap, or you can find it under the faucet handle buttons. If you can’t find screws under the cap or buttons, then screws are possibly under the faucet handle; you can simply turn the handle in an anti-clockwise direction or pull it up. After you are done locating screws, the process of removing the faucet’s handle is pretty much straightforward.

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