Power wheels battery charged but not working

Power Wheels is a famous toy car for children to ride on. But, it is irritating to see the power wheels battery charged but not working.

There are many causes like the Power Wheels battery not charging, the dead battery, or the faulty battery charger, and rusted terminals are likely the culprits.

You can troubleshoot the charging problem by improving your defective battery instead of investing money to purchase a brand new battery to run the power wheels car.

Mostly, the battery is not charged properly, so always read the manufacturer’s manual and charge the battery according to the time mentioned in the manual.

Please read the article below to get information about what you should do when your power wheels battery is charged but is still not turning on your ride-on car.

Power wheels battery charged but not working

Power wheels ride-on car is good entertainment for children, but if you are facing a problem with your Power Wheels battery and don’t know what’s going wrong with the battery or ride-on car, don’t worry and read my research in this article.

Battery is not ultimately charged

battery is not ultimately charged

If your power wheel car is not running, then one of the usual causes beyond its not running is its battery is not completely charged.

When you purchase a new ride-on car, the user manual is given by the company to explain the different features of the car and its battery.

Usually, a new power wheels battery requires a minimum of 18 hours to be charged before first-time use. After the ist charging, recharge the battery for a minimum of 12 hours – and don’t forget to charge the battery before every ride.

One more thing to keep in mind is just to charge the battery according to instructions because if you will overcharge the battery, then it is also bad for the efficiency of the car battery.

Overcharging the battery damages, so charges it according to instructions.

Old battery

old battery

It does not matter how much you take care of your toy car battery; it will start malfunctioning after using it for three years. The life span of a toy car’s battery is about three years.

If your toy car’s battery is three years old and is not charging properly, it’s the best time to change it with a new one because it is not functioning well.

But, if the power wheels battery is 1 or 2 years old, don’t throw it outside. You can restore its charging and efficiency from the local professional.

Loose battery connections

loose battery connections

It is very important to connect the battery charger to a wall socket tightly; if there is a loose connection to your battery, the current will not flow to the battery.

In the same way, when you install the battery ion the power wheels car to start, then ensure to connect the battery terminals tightly to the car terminals because the loose connection will not flow the charge to the car from the battery.

So, locate all the connections and ensure they are tightly connected.


Usually, two types of batteries are used in power wheels ride cars for power supply, the 6 v, and the 12 v as alternatives.

The power wheel toy batteries can be charged by various types of chargers available on the market. It’s your choice to use the smart charger or wall plug version.

Wall chargers are used by most people to charge the power wheel toy car battery because they consistently charge the battery until its switch is switched off manually.

On the other hand, a smart charger works like a wall plug, but its processor senses when the battery is fully charged and stops charging itself.

It is mentioned on the Power wheels manual not to charge the batteries for more than 20 hours because it will cause the issues of destroying the battery, overcharging, and making it dead.

Dead batteries

dead batteries

If your child has a power wheel ride on the car to play, then do not leave it inactive for a long time because when batteries are not used for a long time, they stop working, or in simple words, they die.

A dead battery cannot get charged, so it stops operating the toy car.