Wyze Lock Battery Replacement

Wyze Lock Battery Replacement. There should be no compromise on safety. As they say, safety is first in everything.

Different systems and devices have been developed for this very purpose of safety. Security systems, even doorbells with cameras and our topic lock.

Wyze lock is a lock system that is completely automatic. If you returned home after work and forgot the key, do not worry. This device will connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and unlock itself immediately.

Though being so advanced and automatic, the batteries used in this device are not rechargeable.

Standard alkaline batteries must be used in his device, as this device doesn’t support rechargeable ones.

So sometimes, when the batteries become weak, they need to be replaced. This article will guide you thoroughly.

Wyze Lock Battery Replacement

wyze lock battery replacement

Changing the battery is essential as it is needed to power your device up. And the device cannot be recharged either because the batteries in it are not rechargeable. The better in our device is a plane alkaline battery.

So we much know when and how to change the battery of our device. You need to open your device from where the batteries are inserted and take the old ones out.

Then you need to check the points and insert the battery carefully so that your device is back on.

Reasons and time

When the battery has less power, the device will alert you. There is a backup power option on the device. It will turn on automatically. The battery should be replaced.

The batteries can last up to six months and even one year. But proper change should be done. This is to avoid any kind of future.


These are the steps you need to follow to change the power supplier.

Getting the keypad

getting the keypad

First, you need to go to the place where the lock is located, meaning your door. It is installed on the wall, so you need to remove it from there.

You can do this by removing the screws or the cover that is holding the device. You just need to take it out. Now that you have gained it move to the next step.


Now that you have the keypad in your hand, you need to turn it around and place it on a table. There are no screws on it, so you won’t have to open them.

Just use a bit of force to slide the back cover in a downward direction. The cover will be removed.

Removing the batteries

Now that you have removed the covers. The batteries will appear. You can see how they are set. Push the batteries up a bit with the help of a screwdriver.

The batteries will pop out. Do not use too much force; you might damage the pad from the inside.

Do this to all three batteries that are present in the pad.

New batteries

  • After you have removed all the batteries, you should check the power and size.
  • Typically, the batteries required by the device are AA.
  • You need to match the batteries so that there is no issue later.
  • Then, after you have selected the new batteries, you can start inserting them.
  • Make sure to check the positive and negative sides.
  • Insert the positive end of the battery on the positive terminal such that the negative side is in the negative terminal.
  • Check the home button for light. If the light turns on, that means you can move to the next step; otherwise, repeat the above steps.


You can now close your device if the light is working. Now place the cover on the back and slide it back to its position such that it is closed. Put the pad back into its place. This is the way to remount your keypad.


We can draw a simple idea that the batteries are necessary for working. They should be replaced when the battery is low.

You should actually replace the batteries beforehand, or you can just keep a spare set for the future.

Replacements of batteries are actually not a hard thing to do. You can do them easily if you follow the above steps.

Keep the batteries at a suitable temperature so that they will not cause you any kind of harm.

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