Best car battery charger consumer reports

Best car battery charger consumer reports. Cars don’t start with a completely dead battery or depleted batteries. Cars that don’t even start are of no use. They need full power from the battery to start.

Batteries die because of the weather. They die because of age and even if you just left the lights on. The battery can die. No use for a long time can also deplete the batteries.

Imagine going through a remote area, and suddenly your car stops. You check and see charge completely dead batteries.

Before you get attacked by vampires and werewolves, you wait for a mechanic or wave at strangers to stop and help.

Most of them will help you jump-start the car with a jumper or give you a ride. Keeping these scenarios in mind, you would want to help yourself faster.

Jumpers damage the batteries because they give shocks. To keep the batteries from not getting harmed by the jumper. It is better to have regular battery chargers.

Though the normal car chargers take time, they don’t harm the batteries, and they aren’t that slow if you have good quality powerful chargers.

To save you, the scenarios above can be prevented. You just need a good and powerful dead car battery charger. I have listed six-car battery chargers that are best by ratings. Let’s see them.

6 Best car battery charger consumer reports

1. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt

best car battery charger consumer reports

GB-40 by NOCO is the top car battery charger by ratings. It is ultra-portable. It’s very lightweight and has 12 lithium batteries.

Its power allows you to jump-start any car in a fraction of a second. It offers 20 times usage on a single battery charger.

It’s mistake-proof. This jump starter battery booster makes it very safe for everyone and anyone to use.

It’s spark-proof, so no catching fire with sparks. It offers reverse polarity protection as well. It integrates high output with seven light models of 100 lumens-led flashlights.

It gives modes like low, medium, high, and SOS for safety.

The charger can work for an entire year without being recharged. The internal battery of the charger helps you in charging your phones and other USB devices.

All devices that can be inserted into its USB port are chargeable. It offers a 100 amp of current and a different average on both gasoline and diesel engines.

It gives a charging warranty of a year, and customer support is available for a lifetime. See the features.


It’s a jumper and a charger; you can use it as a jumper or simply charge the vehicle’s battery. You can jump-start the car only in a few seconds.

It provides a 1000 amp charger. You can jump-start about 20 cars in one go by charging it simultaneously. It is rated 3 liters in diesel engines while in gasoline engines it’s rated 6 liters.

It is a mistake-proof system with basic controls but advanced features. It provides a reverse polarity function and also spark-proof technology.

It works as a portable power bank and a jump starter. It’s also a flashlight in the dark. You can charge your phones and tablets. The flashlight has seven modes, and you can charge your devices from any port.

It’s also water-resistant and works in rainy water. The rubber coating prevents any scratches from damaging it.

The design is compact and weighs only 2.4 pounds, making it light. With the device, you also get a charging cable and a case for keeping the device. You get a user guide and a year warranty. Check Price on walmart.


  • Multi-Function
  • Advanced Design
  • UltraSafe
  • Water-resistant
  • Reverse polarity protection


  • Not for long-term

2. Schumacher SC1280 Fully Automatic Battery Charger

schumacher sc1280 fully automatic battery charger

The Schumacher Sc1280 is the 2nd choice by rating. It’s the first choice for many car users.

The Schumacher is a fully automated vehicle battery charger, and it is also a battery maintainer.

It’s an excellent option for automotive as well as marine batteries. There is a microprocessor present in the car battery charger.

This charger microprocessor allows the charge to set the ampere and automatically adjust to the ampere the batteries match with and can withstand.

It has the option of multi-stage charging. The multi-stage option extends the life of the battery.

In comparison with the ampere adjustment, the charger also offers voltage detection and control. The LED display offers a better understanding and showcasing of reading.

The light indicators show options by blinking quickly. The simple control buttons on the harder allow you to control it easily. The reverse hook-up protection is the best safety option.

The battery doesn’t get charged, and the charger doesn’t give any power to it if the wires are connected wrongly in the reverse direction.

The energy meets the highest standard of energy all across. It’s compatible with AGM. It also works with deep cycle batteries. This charger is better than a solar battery charger. Check Price on eBay.


It provides power reliability. It delivers 15 amperes of rapid charging. It also gives 3 amperes for painting marine and automotive batteries.

It’s compatible with deep cycle battery, Gel, AGM, and standard batteries. The amperage is automatically controlled by the device on its own. The multi-stage for battery voltage protection.

These stages add safety and precision. They also increase battery life. It provides a digital display to users. The LCD screen provides more info on the battery completely.

The lights show battery status. The indicator light works fast to detect the charging level. The control buttons are also there for easy adjusting and controlling of the charger.

You can change the setting by using the control pad. The voltage detection is completely automatic. You can connect 6V and 8V batteries to it, and it will automatically detect it.

The reverse hook-up protection is also available in it. It’s also automatic. This will disallow the functions to work when the battery terminals are connected to the wrong clamps.

You need to put it to the right terminals to charge the battery health, and you will know when it is connected in reverse. It will automatically show through the LED screen on the charger.


  • Voltage detection
  • Digital display
  • Smart charging
  • Multi-stage charging
  • Indicator lights


  • Glitches
  • Fire hazard

3. BLACK+DECKER BC15BD Car battery chargers

black+decker bc15bd car battery charger

The BLACK+DECKER BC15BD is the best battery charger, and it also functions well to maintain the battery. It charges the battery in minutes and gets on the road in no time.

It is easy to control because you just need the clamps to connect the battery, and by pressing charge, the charging will start. The rest is done by the charger itself.

You can relax before the battery is functional again. It’s fully automatic. To charge better, it provides 3-stage charging. The first stage provides fast charging.

The second stage gives top-off charging. In the end, you get trickle charge mode.

You can call it best for motor homes. It’s suitable for boats and jet skis. You can use it on the multiple vehicles that died because of sitting idly at home.

It charges almost many batteries. There is an LED display on the charger. This display helps us know the battery and the charging status.

The icons help understand the status better. It charges faster than most of the chargers on the market—no need to put battery settings and status manually. See the features.


It’s a bench charger with 15 amperes of current. It charges almost all 12-volt batteries, including gel batteries and automotive. It offers reconditioning features.

This extends the life of the car’s battery. The 40 amperes of current starts the engine by giving the battery enough battery in as little time as 90 seconds. The reverse polarity function is also available in this charger.

There is no need to fear wrong wiring with reverse polarity function. The LCD screen has icons on display. The icons on the LCD are easy to understand.

You can see the battery status and charging batteries level on the LCD. There is an alternator checker in the device. The checker helps in knowing the Maintenance of battery level. Check Price on Walmart.


  • Automatic charging
  • 3 stage charging
  • Battery reconditioning feature
  • LCD screen display
  • ETL Certified


  • Not long working
  • Inaccurate reading

4. Amazon Basics Battery Charger 12 Volt 8/2A

amazon basics battery charger 12 volt 82a

Amazon doesn’t lose in the car battery chargers either. Amazon also manufactures other car battery chargers and very intelligent chargers as well.

Amazon, a manufacturer of its store, produces a good level of battery chargers for cars. The battery charges not only charge cars, but you can charge boat batteries with it.

Jet skis and tractor batteries can also be charged using the Amazon bar charger. It provides a voltage appropriate for the batteries by not exceeding the voltage and keeping it safe—the same for current.

The current is also set appropriately by the charger itself. Its compatibility with AGM and other batteries that use acid enables it to charge various batteries.

You can charge faster with the Amazon battery charger. Let it charge at high speed. The output is safe for batteries, and the spark-proof feature allows no fire to buildup.

The reverse polarity function disables to work when the wires are connected in the reverse direction.

No power is supplied to the battery until the battery is connected in the correct order. Read the features.


It’s a battery charger for cars, motorcycles, and many more. You can also charge boast with it. It fully charges the battery.

The ampere is completed as well as the voltage is stored in the battery at the whole level. It maintains it appropriately. It’s usable with lead-acid batteries.

It’s also compatible with AGM-type batteries. To connect the battery quickly, fused alligator clips are present.

YOu can plug it into any 120v outlet, and it’ll charge. It gives a 2-ampere current at 6V and gives 8/2A at 12V. It is spark-proof, so it does not ignite the flames.

It also brings a reverse polarity function. It’s made with durable metal, and the surface is a sleek black. It also contains a fused ring terminal harness.

This helps indoor uses. It’s usable in rainy and sunny weather. It’s pretty easy with the guide. It is best in feature as compared to Schumacher battery chargers. Check Price on eBay.


  • Compatible
  • Fused alligator clips
  • Spark proof
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Durable metal


  • No voltage selection
  • Short life

5. CTEK – 40-206 MXS 5.0 best car battery chargers

ctek 40 206 mxs 5.0 best car battery chargers

The CTEK battery charge is an advanced car charger. It also maintains. CTEK offers a different battery charging approach. The eight-step approach by CTEK is unique.

These steps are best for battery care. It also uses a microprocessor for an intuitive approach.

The automatic function enables the voltage setting to set on its own, and the current level matches the automatic charger too.

There is a built-in temperature sensor too. The charging modes of CTEK are very advanced. These controls and modes make it the faster charger. It is 5.0 in version.

Its modes are most effective in charging. Being the latest version, it enables it to charge the batteries in all types of weather. It was able to charge a variety of batteries.

The people who have multiple cars are lucky to have this. They don’t need different basic chargers for each car. The batteries that demand higher power are also charged.

Most car batteries that require Maintenance mode are also charged easily by this.

The charging experience by CTEK provides the most advanced function. Its output is sound, and you can charge it directly from a 120v outlet. It’s quick. Read the features. Best car battery charger consumer reports.


It’s a 12V automatic smart battery charger. It comes tested by experts, so don’t worry about it not working. The temperature compensation in it comes built-in.

The voltage compensation is also built-in. Because of these compensations, the smart charger works in many kinds of weather. In hot or cold conditions, the temperature is auto-adjusted.

There is a reconditioning mode and a Patented Desulphation Function. Unsued batteries get sulfated, and they lose their power.

The battery is analyzed by the portable charger. The power of the battery is recovered by the charger if it’s possible. Deeply discharged batteries are restored in the reconditioning mode.

The absorption is set in the dedicated AGM mode. The timing and float voltage are also set to get matched results. You can select the mode and leave the manual charger.

Simply play after plugging is its way. It’s dustproof and also resistant against splash. It’s non-sparking, so the device is safe.

Its reverse polarity protection enables extra safety against the wrong setting. It’s also short-circuited proof and filters both current and voltage, so there aren’t any problems.

It’s designed so that it doesn’t overcharge the battery, so the battery doesn’t need to be disconnected.


  • Temperature compensation
  • Patented Desulphuration
  • AGM Mode
  • Dustproof
  • Short-circuit proof


  • Overheating
  • Working difficulties

6. DEWALT DXAEC801B 30 Amp Bench Battery Charger

best car battery charger consumer reports

DEWALT DXAEC801B is a professional car battery charger. It provides all the battery charging features and others you can ask for.

It suits both pros and beginners. The power charger clamps are heavy-duty, and you need to attach them with battery terminals and press the charge button.

The reverse polarity doesn’t allow the battery to charge when connected with positive and negative terminals.

The wrong or reverse function is also alerted to you by the charger. Once the battery is connected, the rest is controlled by the charger itself. It’s completely optimum. It’s also automatic.

The automatic function lets it charge by setting the voltage and the current at a suitable level on its own. It also has 3 stage battery charging modes.

Starting with fast charging, then top-off, and the last trickle charger that extends its life. You can charge motorhomes and even boats by using this charger.

It provides 12-volt charging. The battery status and charging status of the charger are shown in the form of icons on the LCD screen.

It has an alternator check function and also has a battery recondition function in it. It also has an 80 amp engine start function. See the features.


Almost all batteries are chargeable with this charger. Its reverse polarity function is super safe. It has a battery reconditioning mode or feature for extending battery life.

It provides users with three different stages of charging. It has 80 amperes of current. The high current starts the car by charging the battery in only 60 seconds.

Alternate works to see the proper functioning of the battery. Icons on the battery status of the screen show an easier way to know the batteries.

You can check battery status and charge from there. It universally fits and gives a year warranty. It can power boats and even ATVs.


  • Reverse polarity function
  • Three battery stages
  • 60-second start
  • Easy to control
  • Universal fit


  • Design issue
  • Outdated


Buying Guide (Best car battery charger consumer reports)

Let’s see what makes the right car battery charger worth buying.


Check the voltage first. It should have 12v output and 120v input. If other voltages are available in the setting, that’s a plus in the charger.


The current is different. The higher the current, the faster it will charge. But look for safe amperes so the current won’t blow the battery.


It should be automatic for better use, revere polarity and other functions like resistance and no overloading of temperature is easy to understand.


Best car battery charger consumer reports. NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 Amp 12-Volt Portable Power Bank Charger is the best charger for cars in rating. The features and guide will help you in deciding. Select carefully and ask others’ advice.

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