Pit boss err code

Pit boss err code. Pit Boss grill is a great appliance used to cook your food in no time. Grilling the food is also a very healthier way to cook the food with a lot of fun.

But, since it is an electrical appliance, if you do not take care of this electrical appliance, then it starts malfunctioning. Still, the good thing about this appliance is that it indicates error codes on the display screen that informs us about various issues.

So, don’t get frustrated and annoyed if you are a new Pit Boss grill user and have recently purchased the appliance to grill the food on your lawn.

If an error code shows on the screen, it means there is some problem with the unit. Each error code has its specific meaning and solution to fix.

If an error code ErR appears on your pit boss screen, don’t worry because it appears on the screen when the grill’s temperature probe wire is not connecting. So, you can make an idea that you must concentrate on the temperature probe and its connection to fix the issue.

Keep reading this article to learn how to fix the err code on your pit boss grill to get your appliance back to smoke the food.

Pit boss err code

Pit boss pellet grill is a reliable electrical appliance to smoke the food, but it also creates issues sometimes, like you are grilling the meat on the appliance. But, suddenly, you check the “ErR” error code appearing on the screen.

Error code does not mean your appliance is fully damaged, but each error code has different meanings and various solutions to fix.

ErR error code means there is something wrong with the temperature probe due to dust and debris. Let’s read all the possible causes and solutions of pit boss err code.

Loose probe connection

loose probe connection

The ErR code popping on the smoker does not mean a big issue because it appears when there is a slight loose wire connection in the temperature probe.

So, without getting panic and immediately checking, the temperature probe is tightly connected to the Pit boss grill’s control board. If there is a loose connection, connect it properly to remove the error code.

However, you must have some basic skills and tools to open the screws and tighten the temperature probe because you need access to the grill’s electric component fixed at the back side of the hopper.

Ensure all the connectors are perfectly connected to the digital control board. If there is any loose connection, secure them and tighten the backer cover screws to close the unit to run the smoker smoothly.

Turn on the Pit boss grill and check if the err code is removed or still popping on display. If this loose connection was the cause behind the error code, it must be cleared now, and you can smoke the food at your desired temperature now.

But if the err error code is still displaying on the screen, check the next point to clear it from the display.

Clean the temperature probe

clean the temperature probe

Like any other electrical appliance, the maintenance of the Pit boss grill is essential to run it smoothly without any error code.

Most people use the appliance to smoke the food in the backyard; therefore, dust and debris gather in different parts to affect its efficiency.

The temperature probe is the most crucial component of the smoker, so there should be no dust and debris on it, and the probe must be adequately cleaned.

Suppose the temperature probe is dirty with a dust layer. In that case, your unit will not smoke the food, and the err error code will start displaying on the unit to inform you that clean the dust, debris, food residues, and accumulation of carbon from the probe to clear the code.

So, always take a soft sponge with you during smoking the food on the grill and keep removing the dust and carbon from the probe so that they do not stick on permanently because small food residues do not affect the grill much if there is a lot of carbon gathered on the temperature probe then the error code displays on the screen.

So, always maintain and clean the temperature probe for smoking the healthier food on your Pit boss grill. If your probe is dirty with dust and carbon residues, clean it with soapy water and a soft sponge after two grilling sessions.

Check if the probe is bent

When you smoke the meat in the Pit boss grill, then keep an eye on all connections and display for any error code because error codes immediately appear on display, then check if the temperature probe is bent or touching the sides of the grill.

Always protect the probe from touching to hot sides of the grill because it can damage the probe. Also, check that the probe is not bent from the place and keep it straight.

If your appliance is old, another possible cause of err error code appearing on display is that the grill temperature probe is damaged or broken.

Probe is broken

probe is broken

When you check the electric control board to inspect the connectors, check the temperature probe for any signs of damage.

If the grill probe is bent, damaged, or touching the sides of your grill, it cannot accurately sense the grill temperatures.

It’s suggested that you permanently fix the Pit boss appliance in one place in the home because the probe is made of fine wire.

It gets bent or broken when you move the grill from one place to another in the backyard or home. Check the probe wire closely and if it is broken, then hire an expert to replace the wire to smoke the food again on your grill.

Do not use an extension cord

do not use an extension cord

Some new Pit boss users make the mistake of plugging the grill into the extension cord instead of plugging it into the wall socket.

Whenever you plug in the grill in the extension cord, an error code will pop on the screen to inform you that do not use this cord to plug in the grill.

It happens because the grill is tightly connected to the wall socket, and it becomes difficult for you to run the grill smoothly when you plug in the unit with the extension cord.

Switch off the grill for half an hour

If your smoker is still popping the err code after applying all troubleshooting tips, it’s better to turn off the appliance for half an hour for the power cycle.

Sometimes, the unit starts malfunctioning due to fuzzy logic in the unit controller, so turning off the appliance for thirty minutes may clear the err error.

So, switch off the Pit boss grill for thirty minutes and plug your smoker again into the wall socket to check the error code is cleared.


The final verdicts on this article are if your pit boss shows the error code ErR on the screen, then don’t get panic, but it happens too often with many users. So, don’t think that your appliance no more to run smoothly and smoke the food.

In this article, I explained almost all possible reasons for this error; it just indicates the user to check whether the grill temperature probe is dirty, bent, damaged, or has loose connections with connectors.

If you have some basic skills, then there is no need to contact with professional because you can clear the err error code by tightly connecting the probe wires with connectors.

If this point does not clear the code, then the probe with soapy water, check closely for any damage and replace the temperature probe in the smoker.

I am sure this guide helps resolve the issue, but if you cannot sort out the problem, contact Pit Boss customer care for further assistance and professional inspection.

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