Pebble shower floor pros and cons

Pebble shower floor pros and cons. Pebble floors are pretty common because of their advantages. They are cheap and can easily be afforded on a low budget. They are beautiful and make the place where they are installed look majestic.

Not just that, but the wide variety allows the buyer to select from a number of designs and styles. They provide comfort and, unlike tiles, they provide resistance against slipping.

But the disadvantages, like the difficult installation, come with them. They require high maintenance and are timely as well. They do not last long like tiles.

They also require a lot of grouts. Suppose you are going to decide on buying them or not. Read this article. The points here will help you decide better.

Pebble shower floor pros and cons

pebble shower floor pros and cons

The pros or the cons might outnumber the other. The advantages that it has includes a variety of things. The affordability will impress you. Their elegance and beauty are worth more than their looks.

They will not let you slip by providing a better footing. They provide comfort and ease to walk on as they are bulking up.

On the other hand, maintenance will make you use more money.

The grouping it requires is in good amount. They won’t last very long, as you are thinking. Installing them will be difficult and requires experience.

Pebble shower floor Pros

Let’s see their positive aspect first, so we know what we will gain from them.

Beauty they provide

Pebbles are natural, and so they also present you with a natural look. The resemblance to the river’s edge makes a nature lover dreamy.

It doesn’t just look beautiful but gives you the ease of mind that you get from nature.

Suppose you are a nature lover. They are the best naturalistic flooring for bathrooms. They provide the best finishing touch.

Not slippery with better footing

Bathrooms are usually very slippery. The water and smooth surface combo don’t work well for us. We can get injured, and there have been cases of slipping that have caused serious injuries. But the pebble floor is not smooth.

Being uneven, it provides better grip and footing to our slippers or foot. That helps us in not get injured.

Medical advantage

Medically speaking, walking on pebbles is recommended by medical professionals. It is even healthier if you walk barefoot on them.

They are various reflexogenic points present on the sole of your foot. The pebbles massage them and provide relaxation.

It will save you from going on a trip by giving you a home massage. If you like walks by the river, they’ll suit you.

Variety they provide

If your taste differs from others, that is not a problem. The pebble flooring provides a large variety to choose from. You can get different shapes, colors, and sizes to your taste. You can change the theme or use a single one.

Cost and affordability

The point is the most awaited one. I didn’t write it first because if you don’t even like these. What is the point of knowing the cost? But now I’ll tell you they are really inexpensive and people can afford them.

They are cheap and don’t require any big budget. Even from their variety, the cost doesn’t go off-budget. That is the major advantage that comes with the installation.

Pebble shower floor Cons

Now that we know that there are a lot of advantages. Let’s see their negative aspects and disadvantages.

Installation problems

installation problems

Although they are easy to install and you can install them by yourself. You still need a professional to check the floor first.

Your floor might not be compatible with the pebbles. Thus, to make it compatible, you will have to use money.

Maintenance cost and problems

Staying on the topic of using money, the maintenance cost is a must expenditure. It is not something you can neglect. The grouting between the floors gets damaged and requires maintenance.

The pebbles might come out when the material sealing them gets out. The wear and tear on the materials can be caused. The grouting required is estimated to be 2.5 times more than the average floor.

Uncomfortable and slipping

Talking about slipping. They may aid you and not let you fall. But when installed incorrectly, they will do the opposite.

The sealing material between them is very slippery. If the pebbles are not installed at a proper distance. Then you will have a problem.

For nature lovers, it is okay as they like to walk on pebbles. But some people have sensitive feet and they might hurt them because of uneven surfaces.


Pebble shower floor pros and cons. You have seen the pros and cons. The end choice is yours. The advantages are more than disadvantages here. But the disadvantages might be the main points for some people.

Check options before you make your decision. Ask a plumber.

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