Shower head drips after shut off

Shower head drips after shut off. Taking a shower under a showerhead is a pleasant moment because it reconfigures the water into a spray.

But sometimes it happens that after the shutting off the showerhead still drips drops of water. It is a bad and annoying thing that water drops are still dripping after the shutting off.

Mostly it drips due to the damage to the inner seals of the showerhead.

The washer or o-rings are made up of rubber and their function is to make a seal between the shower pipe and the showerhead.

Due to this rubber seal water does not leak. With the time, due to wearing out of these rubber seals water starts dripping from them after shutting off.

You should repair it or replace the sprinkler immediately to save the water.

Shower head drips after shut offshower head drips

Dripping of water from the showerheads is the main cause of wastage of water. This problem is probably due to the issue in the faucet of the showerhead or maybe a rubber seal of the sprinkler is damaged due to which water is leaking and dripping continuously.

It is very annoying and also wastage of water so you will have to call a plumber or fix it by yourself to get rid of this. It is better to try it by yourself to fix this simple issue. Following are some solutions to fixing this problem.

Switch off the water supply

If the sprinkler is continuously dripping then you should repair it in no time to save the water resource. For fixing this issue first of all switch off the water supply from the main tank. You will not disturb by the water coming from the main pipe now.

Wash the showerhead completely

Now after switching off the water supply, detach the sprinkler head from the pipe carefully. You may damage the o ring washer. If you are cleaning it after a long time then you will see there are debris, dirt, and limescale.

Make a solution of water and vinegar and dip this showerhead into the solution for an hour. After that clean it with water. you can also use a small toothbrush for deep cleaning of every nozzle of the head. After the complete washing put it aside.

Check the O-ring seal

O ring seal or washer is the main part of the showerhead. It stops the water from dripping and leaking. Due to a long time if this rubber washer is worn out and damaged then water will start dripping from the pores.

Check the condition of the seal, if it is damaged then you will have to replace it with a new one to stop the water from dripping.

Tape it uptape it up

If the washer is in good condition then cover the threads on the hose with the help of tape. Cover the tape with a narrow stip from all sides of the threads.

Refix the showerhead

Now refix the sprinkler to the hose and switch on the water supply. Turn on the showerheads to let the water flow for some time.

After some time shut off the faucet and check that the dripping of water is stopped now. If it is stooped then well and good but if it is still leaking water then maybe it is problem in the valve.

Fix the valve

If water is still dripping after the complete fixing of the showerhead then maybe it is problem with the valve. Untwist the handle of the faucet and check that any rubber washer is worn outright the screwas again or not.

Replace the rubber washer and then switch on the water supply again and check the showerhead that the issue is solved and water is not dripping now after shutting off the sprinkler.

Hire a plumber

If the water is still dripping then you have no other choice but to hire a plumber to fix the problem because you can not do anything more by yourself.


If the showerhead still drips after shutting off then it is very irritating because the water is continuously wasting. Don’t leave it on tomorrow and fix those issues. Mostly is because of working out pf the rubber washer which seals the showerhead and the hose pipe.

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