Outlet reset button keeps popping

Outlet reset button keeps popping. Nowadays, GFCI outlets are installed in modern homes to plug in various electrical appliances. Learning everything about your electrical outlets is essential because sometimes you see the outlet reset button keeps popping.

Then what are the main causes of this noise, and what to do immediately in this situation? A slight delay can lead the popping button to fire.

If you see the outlet reset button keeps popping out, the most usual cause of this problem is immoderate power in the wall socket. Keep pressing the reset button frequently to resolve the problem.

If nothing makes the difference after pressing the reset button does not stop the keeps popping from the socket, immediately check the circuit breaker without any delay to see if it requires a reset.

If you see the other lights in the room are also blinking, then it means the whole circuit is overcharged with electric current, due to which the outlet reset button keeps coming out.

Dealing with electrical outlets without any experience and safety tools is not suitable because you may bear an electric shock, so I suggest you contact a professional electrician to fix the popping reset button.

Outlet reset button keep popping

If you see the outlet reset button continuously coming out, then dont ignore it happens if there is something wrong with the circuit, like too much current flowing in the circuit to the wall outlet.

In this case, the best option is to fix the circuit if that is creating trouble because if you will not repair the reset button on the wall socket, then this popping is frustrating but also a fire danger.

Read this guide and follow the steps to fix an outlet reset button that keeps popping out.

Keep pressing the reset button

switch off the power supply

It isn’t very pleasant to check the outlet reset button keeps popping when you are sleeping a sound sleep on your bed at midnight.

First, you don’t understand the origin of this popping sound, so calm down and examine all the appliances in the room.

When you locate the outlet reset button keeps coming out and making noise, then start to press the button frequently.

The reset button usually starts popping for different reasons, like overload in the circuit due to the extra current flowing in the circuit.

So, keep pressing the button repeatedly because a minor circuit problem can be solved if the reset button pops out of the wall outlet.

Switch off the power supply

If the outlet reset button keeps popping out and there is no effect on it after pressing frequently then switch off the power supply in the home from the main circuit.

You can not check the outlet from inside before you turn off the electricity to save yourself from the electric current flowing in the circuit.

So, it is very essential to turn off the power before you deal with electric wires.

If you are not experienced then contact an electrician to check all wires, outlets, and circuit breakers and replace the faulty component.

Outlet is dead

outlet is deads

If the outlet reset button keeps popping and coming out after pressing the button a few times before you go outside the room to check the circuit breaker, the first thing to check is the wall outlet in which the reset button coming out.

First of all, press the other button to switch on the light or fan to confirm other buttons are working, or the outlet is dead.

You can also use a multimeter or voltage tester to check the current in the outlet.

If there is a current in the outlet, then the voltmeter will show the voltage it means the outlet is not dead and there is too much current in the current which is the main reason behind the outlet reset button popping out.

If the multimeter gives no reading then it means the outlet is dead so if you have plugged in the other appliances in this outlet then unplug them from this dead outlet.

If the outlet is dead then it means there is no overload of electric current or short circuit in the outlet.

Check the circuit breaker

check the circuit breaker

If the outlet reset button keeps popping and coming out after pressing the button for few times, then don’t waste a second and check the circuit breaker to see if this outlet is in the main circuit box.

The main circuit box is usually fixed in the garages or basements in the home so that you can easily access it in case of an emergency.

Open the main circuit box and inspect the respective circuit breaker to check whether the circuit breaker of this wall outlet has been tripped or it is not tripped.

If you see the circuit breaker position is on the wrong side, it means it is tripped due to overload or too much current in the circuit, and you must reset the circuit breaker if, unfortunately, it is tripped.

If the reset button is popping out due to tripped circuit breaker, then hopefully, the button will stop coming out of the socket after changing the circuit breaker position.

Loose connections

loose connections

The reset button also starts to come out from the outlet then check the bad wiring or loose connections. Don’t touch any wire before you turn off the electricity.

Take a wire connector or tangle the wires and check any loose connections.

If you dont know how to check broken or melted wires then hire a skillful expert to inspect the electrical system in your home and repair the faulty part.


The final words in this article are it is a very serious issue to see the outlet reset button keeps popping out of the outlet so dont ignore it and keep pressing the button because it usually happens due to too much flow of electric current in the circuit.

If it does not stop the reset button then check the circuit breaker, wall outlet, or loose wire connections in the home and hire an electrician to fix them.

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