Electrical outlets not working on one wall

Electrical outlets not working on one wall. Most people do not know what lies beyond an outlet in the wall. Therefore when a plug does not plug in an outlet, then people face difficulty in finding out the problem.

Sometimes it happens that the electrical outlets of one wall stopped working while at the same time outlets of other wall are working properly.

The most common issue beyond this problem of a room is these

  • The GFCI outlet is automatically shut off
  • Fault in the power cord or appliance
  • The issue with the circuit breaker
  • The outlet is physically damaged
  • Loose wiring in the wall
  • Fuse is blown
  • Outlet is faulty
  • Outlet is old

These are some major causes behind the issue so keep reading this page to know more details about fixing the faulty outlet in the wall of a room.

Electrical outlets not working on one wall

electrical outlets not working on one wall

You can imagine without saying any word that it is a very annoying situation when all of the outlets on a wall start malfunctioning.

If just one plug of the outlet is not working, then you can resist your wish to fix it because you have the option of using the next plug.

But things gone worst when you see that no outlet in that specific wall is working. Well, there is something wrong with this wall due to which any of the outlets is not responding.

Following are points to solve your trouble but before starting to fix the trouble, adopt all safety measures like wearing gloves before touching the wires.

Fault in the power cord or appliance

If you trying to charge your mobile phone in an outlet and it is not connecting, then try to plug in the next outlet in the same wall.

If still it is not connected, then before you assume that outlets are damaged, try to plug in the mobile in outlets of the other wall. If the appliance is not plugging in there as well, then there is some issue with the power cord or appliance and not with the outlets.

The GFCI outlet is automatically shut off

If you have fixed a GFCI outlet on the wall, then you will have the information that it is sometimes automatically shut off to decrease the risk of electric shock. At times, it automatically shuts off when a surge has not taken place.

But don’t worry. You can fix it quickly by pressing the small button in the middle of the outlet, and GFCI will reset. Now you can try again to plug in the appliance and get things going.

The issue with the circuit breaker

the issue with the circuit breaker

The basic purpose of a circuit breaker is to manage the electricity to all the rooms in a building. But it trips when there is a large amount of current or overload passing through the circuits.

So if the outlet of one wall is not running, then open the main circuit box and check the circuit panel.

The tripped breaker will lie in between the off and on position. Turn over the switch to off and then overturn to the on position. It will readjust the circuit and possibly set the damaged outlet of that wall.

The outlet is physically damaged

If you see red flags on the outlet, then it means it is burning. The other symptoms of a burnt-out outlet are sizzling sounds coming from it and black scorch marks on the outlet. An outlet also feels hot is dangerous as well.

So if you see smoke and smell from the outlet, then immediately switch off its breaker and stop using it to get safe from big fire hazards. You can hire an electrician to replace the damaged outlet.

Fuse is blown

If the electricity in the home works through the fuse box, it blows a fuse could be the reason for one outlet not working on one wall.

Open the fuse box, and if you see the fuse is blown away, then replace it with a new and same fuse.

Loose wiring in the wall

electrical outlets not working on one wall 2022

This s the step where you will have to hire a certified electrician because you can not repair the loose wiring in the wall without having experience. If the outlet in one wall is not working, then maybe it is due to loose wiring.

  • Before starting to check the loose wires, ensure that the circuit breaker is off.
  • Detach the front part of the outlet by removing the screws with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Draw the outlet from the wall for some inches.
  • Now check the wires that are attached to the outlet.
  • If you see any wire is loose, then tighten its screws
  • After fixing the loose wire, refix the outlet in the wall by tightening the screws.

Outlet is old

If your outlet in the wall is very old, then it will stop working without any reason. You will have to replace the old outlet with a new one.

Normally it is not difficult to work to do but because you can make some dangerous fults due to no experience so call an electrician to install a new outlet in the wall.


Electrical outlets not working on one wall. So the conclusion of the article is that there are many reasons which can make an outlet in the wall faulty. Firstly, ensure that the appliance is plugged into other outlets or not.

If it is working in other outlets in the room, then consider all the above points to fix the issue.

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