How to make outlet not controlled by switch

How to make outlet not controlled by switch. In any home or building, outlets, which are also called electric outlets, are very important. Outlets are electrical plugs and sockets which attach the electrical appliances with the power.

It is that part in the wiring of the building where all power appliances take current from the electricity. Therefore, when a home or building is constructed. The wiring of electricity has a very important role in different electrical appliances.

Wiring of power and outlets are installed at various places according to choice and utility. You can also make an outlet not controlled by a switch due to not using current from that outlet by making it neutral.

If you do not have proper knowledge and experience of working with electricity, then don’t try this. You can hire an electrician for any work regarding electricity.

You have to be very skilled full while doing the wiring of an outlet and also you have the proper skill of revamping of circuit and outlet.

How to make outlet not controlled by switchoutlet not controlled by switch

Coming to outlets, they are used for turning on every electrical appliance.

It is a chain process; electricity is brought through wires into homes with power lines, now this electricity is divided through circuit breakers which are attached to every outlet in all parts of homes.

You can make an outlet to give a neutral return through the following steps.

Switch off the electricity

Without any doubt, whenever you are starting work on wiring, outlet, or any electrical in the home, turn off the power in the whole home from the circuit breaker.

It is basic safety from the electrical shock, which could be very dangerous

Necessary tools

For making an outlet not controlled by a switch some tools like a screwdriver, rib joint pillers, side cutting linesman pliers, etc.

Before starting voltage, the tester is a very important tool for confirming that there is no power in the outlet.

Separate the current outletseparate the current outlet

The first work to do is that detach the casing of the outlet. After this, check the current with the help of a voltage tester for self surety there is no current in the circuit and outlet.

After separating the nuts from the outlet, you can pull out the box. Now check out the positioning of both black and hire wires.

Confirm which wire is attached to the nuts before pulling out the switch.

Disconnect the wires and terminal of the outlet

With the help of a flat blade screwdriver, pull out the wire from the outlet, press the blade into the slot and disconnect the terminal.

Now two one ground wire, two white wires, and two black wires should be remaining in the outlet.

Revamp the white wire

Now pull out the white wire from the hot wires. Attach this wire to other white wires in the acceptable and join the black wires to the side of the box.

Now the white wires will give back a neutral return means no current from the outlet.

Put back the brackets

Right now, your wiring of the outlet is changed, so put in the brackets or casing of the outlet. With the help of a screwdriver, tighten the screws in the wall.

Switch on the powerswitch on the power

After completing all work, now switch on the power from the main circuit breaker box and test that your switch is working.


How is it possible to cease a switch from controlling an outlet?

It is possible only in this way that if we detach the red and black wires from the circuit and connect their wires together then it will cease the switch.

What is the work of a power outlet in a home?

These power outlets manage all the electrical appliances in the home. They switch on and power off the all appliances like fans, lights, fridges, TVs, etc.


The first thing to remember is that whenever you are opening an outlet, switch off the power for safety.

It is not a difficult task to make the outlet not controlled by a switch; you just have to open the screws and white wires to the other white wires and red wires to the black wires but make sure to take safety steps before working in electricity.

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