Multiple gfci outlets on one circuit

Multiple gfci outlets on one circuit. GFCI outlets are prevalent these days also; they are legal to use in many states worldwide. People prefer to use GFCI to protect their property from electrocution and fires.

Few people hire professionals to install GFCI outlets in their houses; meanwhile, most replace their existing outlets with GFCI themselves. But the main question is can we install multiple GFCI outlets on one circuit?

Installing more than one GFCI outlet over one circuit is not dangerous. You need to be careful about how you wire the circuits; things can go wrong if you connect the wires badly.

Some states have strict restrictions regarding installing GFCI outlets, so check your local rules and regulation before installing GFCI outlets on your properties.

Multiple gfci outlets on one circuitmultiple gfci outlets on one circuit 2022

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupts. To understand what type of GFCI outlets are, you need to make yourself familiar with the below-mentioned categories:

Electrical current does not travel along its critical path. Usually, it can flow through insulated wires where it is meant to go around.

This type of situation can occur when it comes in contact with any other conductor, like water.

Electrical currents flow via conductors in circuits. The current needs to stay along the boundaries of the conductor as currents flow in the backward and forward directions to reach their particular destination. 

Procedure to install GFCI outlets in one circuit

 GFCI outlets are wired in parallel or sometimes in the same line in most properties. This type of connection allows GFCI outlets to receive current or electricity independently.

While on the other hand connecting your outlets in series is not preferable. But it is only for situations where temporary receptacles are essential. 

Is it possible to fix the GFCI boxes on one socket?

It might be an easy choice for you, but it matters greatly. GFCI boxes are costly, so using a GFCI outlet at every circuit in your kitchen or room is not a big deal but in basements is an entirely different game. 

Few people can eliminate the high-cost factor as they are familiar with each GFCI receptacle’s advantages, but others cannot manage this arrangement.

 Advantages of installing a GFCI box in series

By installing separate GFCI outlets over each circuit, you can adopt an intelligent way and install all the outlets to one GFCI receptacle that already has an installed outlet.

It can save you time and money because it allows you to save multiple outlets by using just one GFCI receptacle.

As per the instruction of the authorities, the house owner should install the GFCI outlets in the places exposed to the water; that’s why we urge everyone to install GFCI outlets in their kitchen or bathrooms.

This rule can be implemented to pool houses as the GFCI outlet can save your life if you drop an active hairdryer into the bucket filled with water.

GFCI outlets can easily detect the flowing current into the water in such situations. And they will switch off the fire to prevent a disaster.

Hire a professional

You should hire professionals to install the GFCI outlets rather than fix them on your own, but if you have electrical experience, you can perform this task as the process will not be much more difficult for you. However, don’t forget to turn off the power before you start installing the new switches.


The final words of this article are if you want to save your home from fire and electrocution, then it is better to install multiple gfci outlets on one circuit.

But don’t try it by yourself until you are not an expert in it, so it is advised you to call a certified electrician to fix the gfci outlets in the same series.

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