No water to ice maker but water to door

No water to ice maker but water to door. Many brands of refrigerators have started coming with ice makers to make their appliances more modern so that they can provide this technological modern change to their customers.

This way, they can increase their sales, but if ice maker stops making ice, then it is going to be a big hurdle for the people who don’t know how they can fix it by themselves.

If your ice maker is not making ice but ends up making its way to the door, then this is surely going to trick your mind that what is happening with your ice maker.

If you are thinking of calling a professional, then you need to stop right away because you need a guide that how you can fix this issue, and luckily, you have landed at the very right place.

In this article, we are going to guide you on how you can fix the problem of water not making its way through the door.

No water to ice maker but water to door

no water to ice maker but water to door

Fixing Process

Before starting the fixture process to set up the water problem, you have to gather up some stuff.

  • Multi headed screwdriver
  • hairdryer
  • bucket of hot boiling water
  • a piece of cloth (washcloth)
  • heat lamp

Step 1: Examine the Power Supply Source

The first step you have to check the power supply source because most of the time, people assume that the power source is connected, but if it can be turned off and turned off ice maker will not make ice.

So you can check the main power supply source of the refrigerator and check if it is plugged properly or not. And if the refrigerator is properly plugged, then still your examining period is not over yet because the ice maker has a separate plug that you have to locate.

You can locate the plug of the ice maker on the back or sidewall of the refrigerator. Check for the indicator to ensure that the ice maker is on. Turned off ice maker will be unable to make ice and ends up dropping water on the door.

Step 2: Examine the water Valves

Examine the water valves that if they are providing enough amount of water to the ice maker or if they are leaking or not. But to check it, you have to locate the water valve.

The water valve is located beneath the refrigerator, or you can locate it down the sink near your refrigerator.

It is attached to the plastic pipe, and check if it is leaking or not because the leaking will not make ice but will make it to the door. To check this, you have to examine the pipe-shaped plastic canal.

You have to follow up a test to examine the leakage by checking if the valve is properly open or not. You can turn on the valve by turning it aside and then wait for 30 to 60 minutes to check if it is making ice or not.

If it started making ice, then the problem was coming because of the water valve, and turning it open properly will solve the problem.

Step 3: Examine the Water filter

examine the water filter

Check if your refrigerator has a water filter or not, and if your refrigerator comes with a water filter, then check for the blockage because blocked water filters can block down the filter, and that can make a problem of not filtering properly.

Not transferring proper water to the ice maker makes proper ice and ends up dropping water back into the door of the ice maker.

Water filters need cleanup after every 6 months and if you are unable to clean them up after 6 months, then leave them clogged or dirty.

For more than a year is like poison for the filter, and then you have to replace it so that it can supply clean water to the ice maker, and that makes ice.

Step 4: Heat the water supply valves

Sometimes water can get frozen in a way to the ice maker in the pipelines, and you have to remove that ice; you have to heat the pipelines so that it can melt down the ice in the pipes.

Use a hairdryer or any heating material that drops a little amount of heat to the pipes and then melts out the ice. You can use a damp heated cloth to melt the ice.

Simply use a hairdryer or damped hot cloth around the pipes and melt down the ice so that it can make a way through the ice maker and makes ice.

Step 5: Call for the professional

If you feel stuck at anytime or the above steps are not working for you, then it is recommended that you leave the screwdriver.

Pick up your phone and call the professional that can examine the problem more clearly and can help you out with its proper work. No water to ice maker but water to door.

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