Frigidaire ice maker not working but water does

Frigidaire ice maker not working but water does. It is a communal problem that your Frigidaire ice maker stops working but the water dispenser works. When it comes to the working of Frigidaire ice maker it may sometimes stop to make the ice but the disposal performs its work side by side no matter is it slow or fast.

Frigidaire ice maker not working but water does

Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working

Let’s discuss the causes along with solutions for the Frigidaire ice maker stop maker:

Switch of a frigidaire ice maker

The switch of the Frigidaire may sometimes get turned off. It may be turned off out of the blue. If the Frigidaire still doesn’t work then check the switch again. Check the switch for continuity using an Ohm meter. It needs to replace, change it on an urgent basis.

Check the freezer temperatureFrigidaire Ice Maker Not Working But Water Does

Check the temperature of the freezer, Frigidaire works better at a temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It is imperative to make sure that the condenser coil of the Frigidaire is clean and the condenser fan is working well.

The condenser fan works to coll down the condenser and compressor. Now, check for the evaporator. The evaporator coil may produce much frost so the air cannot circulate through the ice maker.

Seal of the door of FrigidaireWhirlpool Refrigerator Not Making Ice But Water Works

The temperature of the Frigidaire may get unstable thanks to the fault in the door seal. The door seal helps to maintain the temperature. If the door seal is not well then the air may get imbalanced.

To adjust the door at sealing, set the seal as auto. This auto-closing will assist the Frigidaire for maintenance. It comes in rollers or legs.

With these rollers and legs, the fridge gets tilt in different directions. The seal of the Frigidaire will make it defrost and the ice production will start.

Door switch of the Frigidaire

If you do not want to make your Frigidaire defective, check the switch of the door. Door switch functions in turning on and off. When the door is open, it gets turned on the light present in the fridge and it is turned off the ice maker and dispenser.

Replacing of water filter

The Frigidaire ice maker not working but water does then it may due to the clogging. Check the water filter if it clogged then replace it.

Water pressure

Another common cause that your Frigidaire ice maker is not working is the low water pressure in the house. Frigidaire comes with a water inlet valve. This valve makes sure that supplies water to make ice. It is adapted to work best at a maximum of 20 psi pressure.

Water inlet valve

The water inlet valve is responsible for the water supply to make ice. This water inlet is an electrically controlled supplier for the dispenser. When this inlet valve gets defective or the pressure is not sufficient, hence the water flow will be stopped. Accordingly, Frigidaire will not make ice.

By and large, the switch and seal of the Frigidaire door is vital for its ice making. Check the faults of assembly and level control board for proper ice production.

Frigidaire ice maker not working Fixed

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