Samsung ice maker not filling with water

Samsung ice maker not filling with water. Samsung Ice maker is a kitchen gadget assigned to making a large amount of ice and fills you with the luxury of making ice instantly.

This prohibits you from having to store up on ice for special parties and family get-togethers at your home.

It sometimes has the problem of not filling water in the ice maker; that may be because the Samsung ice maker fills the tube frozen.

Qualities of a Samsung Ice Makerqualities of a samsung ice maker

  • In some ice makers, there is one style of adding water, but in maximum, it can add water in two ways. It has a water drain tube and water supply tube with two functions; bucket water supply and water tap supply.
  • It has an efficient compressor; with a rapid cooling method, long service life, energy-saving, and low noise.
  • It can freeze ice with three different methods; 11 minutes of fast ice making, 32 pcs/cycle meet your need, and 70 lbs of ice in 24 hours.
  • It has an intelligent control panel that makes it smarter with buttons to adjust small, medium, or large pieces of ice with short and long time settings.
  • Three styles to freeze ice cubes with three different thickness styles, small 11mins, medium for 15 mins, and large for 20 minutes.

Samsung ice maker not filling with water
samsung ice maker not filling with water

You can not estimate the importance of an ice maker before having it; its usage in your kitchen makes you free from the hassle of ice in abundant form for your parties or treating occasions.

  • Take a look at your ice maker on and off buttons; if it is on or not, you must set it on the “on ” button. Otherwise, your ice maker won’t work.
  • You have to check the water filters of your ice maker to see whether they need a cleaning issue or not. If it is to be clotted or filled with some water, you need to check and clean the filters, and it will work in a better way.
  • The water line is frozen, which is also one of the reasons Samsung ice maker not filling with water. You need to check whether the waterline is frozen or clogged because it may cause the issue.
  • If you are done with all the things, you need to reset your ice maker, as this is one of the solutions to many problems. Sometimes your gadgets just need to reset for better results.
  • You must check if the water inlet valve is defective or not because it maintains the pressure of water inside the device.

By applying all these above-mentioned points, you can avoid the minor and major issues to fix with these.

But if the problem continues, contact Samsung to request service or any customer care officer for timely help and guidance. Find out GE Ice Maker Reset.


You can release the tension of not having water fill in the Samsung ice maker by simply switching to the above-mentioned ideas to cope with this specific problem.

It is usually because there is a frozen or clogged water line, a missing filter, or the ice maker needs to be reset.

Samsung ice maker not filling with water

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