Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting

Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting. If the ninja coffee maker not working, then check the signals of light and sound on the machine.

If the clean light is on, then the coffee maker is demanding a cleaning cycle because there is the build-up and other stains inside the container, and they are making trouble to start the machine.

If the machine is beeping, then there are two possibilities. Either the amount of water is less in the pot due to which sound indicator is on, or the lid of the maker is not fastened properly. If the lid is not properly closed, then the machine will not start.

Sometimes the coffee ninja coffee machine starts leaking, then check the spot from where it is leaking and try to repair it by yourself, or you can take it to the customer service center.

Continue reading the article to get more information about troubleshooting the coffee maker.

Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting

ninja coffee maker troubleshooting

It is a very worse condition when you enter the kitchen in the morning time to make a coffee but check that the coffee maker is in trouble and not working.

Although the ninja coffee maker offers a lot of varieties of making an easy coffee yet, they are also not exempt from the sudden issue.

There is a list of issues due to which it stopped working, which I have compiled after thorough research.

Moreover, the solutions to the problems are also mentioned so that you can save your money without hiring anyone.

The problem of leaking water

The machines leaking due to two reasons. First is that you are overfilling the water in the container before making the coffee. Always add a sufficient amount of water so that it does not start leaking.

The other cause is that there may be a loose connection water tank. Both of these issues can be solved in no time without consulting anyone.

The solution to the first trouble is simply to decrease the amount of water to the maximum point, and the water will stop leaking.

Now check the water tank; if it is damaged or cracked, then you will have to replace it because the water will not stop leaking till the damaged part is repaired.

The coffee maker is beeping

If the machine is making the sound of beeping again and again and then turned off, then it is indicating that something is wrong. First of all, check the lid of the pot is either adjusted properly or not.

If there is no issue with it, then inspect the level of water. If the level of water is less according to the making size you selected, then the machine will not start until the required amount of water is not filled.

Also, check the valve in the base of the water tank, which is opened to fill the water in the container.

If this water valve is damaged or there is a clog in it, the water will not come into the reservoir, and the machine will start beeping. You will have to repair the damaged valve so that water can come easily into the tank.

Warming plates are damaged

If you have checked all the other components and still the pot is making trouble, then it could be an issue with the warming plates, which are damaged.

Unfortunately, warming plates can not be repaired. You have only the option to replace them and install a new warming plate in the ninja coffee maker.

The filter is not cleaning

the filter is not cleaning

It is necessary to use it accurately whether you are using a paper filter or a permanent filter.

The first thing to make sure of is that if you are using a paper filter, then its size should not be small or bigger but suitable, which helps insufficiently draining.

Broken nozzle

If the hard water builds up in the nozzle or spout of the ninja coffee maker from the filter to the pot.

Hard water is very bad for the components of the machine because it may damage them. So it is better to use filter water instead of hard water.

The cleaning cycle is not completed

If the clean light is on the display of the machine, then it means that the machine is demanding to clean it properly.

Due to hard water and calcium, the machine does not work efficiently, and the change of the coffee will also be changed. You will have to complete the cleaning cycle by mixing vinegar and hot water solution.

If you do not have vinegar, then you can also use baking soda. If the clean light is still on after the cleaning cycle, then repeat it to clear the remaining clog inside the container.


Ninja coffee maker troubleshooting. Normally the ninja coffee makers are good to have because they offer a variety of tastes and options, but like other electrical appliances, they can also make trouble and stop working.

It is important to find the actual component which is faulty if you see that machine is not working.

Mostly the position of the filter matter a lot because you must place it in the center so that it properly drains. Also, take care of the proper cleaning of the machine.

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