How to clean a ninja coffee maker

How to clean a ninja coffee maker. Are you looking for a perfect method to clean the ninja coffee maker?

If yes!

Here you go.

Hard water contains bicarbonates that accumulate in the coffee maker over time. Cleaning them is necessary for the better function of the coffee maker.

How to clean a ninja coffee makerhow to clean a ninja coffee maker

Let’s get started cleaning your ninja coffee maker

Two main steps required

  1. Cleaning the ninja coffee maker
  2. Flushing the ninja coffee maker unit

Cleaning the Ninja Coffee Maker

  • How would you know when to clean the coffee maker?
  • It is easy. There is an option of CLEAN, located at the bottom right of the coffee maker.

When it illuminates, that’s the time your coffee maker needs some cleaning. A thin red light under the clean option indicates the time of cleaning. Clean the maker as soon as possible to make it work properly.

Descaling Agents

Once the light illuminates, start cleaning the coffee maker with the use of a descaling agent.

  1. Ninja bar
  2. Vinegar solution

Both are descaler in nature and will help you out.

Let’s check out how to use them.

Ninja Barninja bar

  • Pour the descaling solution alongside water into the reservoir.
  • Fill
  • up to the Max Fill line.
  • The purpose of the descaler is to remove the scaled calcium and magnesium bicarbonate salts.
  • Remember to use the amount of descaler according to the instructions mentioned on the descaler bottle.
  • Once you add a descaler, wait for the removal of buildup calcium and magnesium salts deposits.
  • Descaling solutions are available in different marketplaces. Go and grab one for cleaning your coffee maker.

White Vinegarwhite vinegar

  • Vinegar can be used instead of a descaling solution to save you money.
  • White vinegar has a descaling property that can work as an alternative to the solution.
  • The benefit of using white vinegar as a descaler is that it’s cheap and available in every household item.
  • Start by adding white vinegar along with water to the coffee maker reservoir.
  • Fill up to the Travel Mug line.
  • Or add 470 ml (16 fluid ounces) of white vinegar.
  • Add water till the solution reaches the Travel Mug line.
  • Remember to use only white vinegar. Other kinds of vinegar, including black, rice, and balsamic vinegar, is of no use.

Where to find the mug line?

The second line from the bottom is the line called the Travel Mug line.

Remember not to overload the reservoir above the mug line.

Placing a dial unit to the “full carafe.”

  • Once the descaler is selected and added, place the dial unit to the option full carafe.
  • This option exists a way to the right from the bottom.
  • Before beginning, put the carafe beneath the brew basket.

Start Cleaning the Maker

  • Find the option CLEAN and press it.
  • The cleaning cycle will begin.
  • Remember to avoid pressing buttons when the clean cycle is running.
  • The time required for a single cycle is about 1 hr.
  • Each model has its own clean cycle time. Check it on the instructions manual before proceeding to clean

Flushing Your Coffee Maker Unit

Emptying the Carafe

  • After one hr., the clean cycle comes to an end.
  • Once it’s finished, a light illuminates, indicating that the process has ended.
  • After that, empty the carafe by discarding the liquid into the sink.
  • Remember to discard the liquid in the carafe carefully because it might be hot.
  • Once you remove the solution, place the carafe back to place.

Flushing the Reservoir

  • Add some tap water to the coffee maker reservoir.
  • Again press the clean option.
  • Make sure the water is up to the Max Fill line.
  • Flush the coffee maker with tap water for around 8 minutes.
  • Solely, add tap water.
  • There is no need to add any descalers or vinegar solution.
  • Once the cleaning cycle ends, discard the water to the sink.
  • Repeat the flushing cycles to clear any remaining descaling solutions.
  • Once you notice the coffee maker is spotless, go for a cup of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Relax and enjoy the coffee.

Ninja coffee bar water reservoir mold

To clean your coffee maker, first, dump out any old grounds or coffee and rinse removable parts like the carafe. Make sure to remove the coffee filter and water filter too.

Secondly, fill the reservoir with a concoction of equal parts white vinegar and water. The acids in this mixture will soften any smelly build-up and make it easier to get rid of.

Ninja coffee bar clean light always on

There are optimal conditions that must be maintained in order to keep the machine clean and to function properly, and it is up to you, as the owner of the device, to make sure this happens.

Anything less than that can lead to major problems, such as a complete failure of the coffee maker.

The Ninja Coffee Bar Clean light could be staying on simply because there is excess mineral buildup preventing water from flowing through completely with ease, or there are oils and residues along with other contaminants stuck in various parts of your Ninja coffee bar, which means a deep cleaning cycle is needed.


How to clean a ninja coffee maker. Using a descaler and flushing method makes the ninja coffee maker last longer. Clean it from time to time to have a freshly brewed, delicious cup of coffee every time.

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