Kitchen aid coffee maker error 2

Kitchen aid coffee maker error 2. Coffee makers are becoming more and more reliable. Especially, with the coffee lovers.

They have eased the methods of making the beverage. Kitchen aid is one of them as it provides a good cup of coffee and also saves time.

But errors in any machine of such caliber are undeniable. The errors can be of different types and have different causes as well.

In this device, the problems are assigned a number. So we can find and know the error before even looking.

Amongst these problems, one of the most popular or common issues is that of Error 2. This is actually caused by the parts not being in the same place as they should be. We are going to discuss it in the article.

Kitchen aid coffee maker error 2

kitchen aid coffee maker error 2

The meaning of this code is different in different devices according to their model number. But the basic cause of this is a dislocated component.

By component, I don’t mean the glass or anything that is used from the outside. It doesn’t even involve power.

Nor does it involve the outside body. But the components in this mean the parts that are present within the machine. The parts can be an internal problem.

This issue is a major one as there is no fix or no solution to it. You will have to get a new device.

Models and fixes

The problems of this code depend on model no. Let us see a few models and the code type.

With KCM5

This is a problem we discussed before. This model has a problem with the dislocation of internal components. This issue will arise if a component of your device has been dislocated.

This problem cannot be resolved as there is no visible solution to this issue.

With KCM1402

In this device, this problem is not dire as the above one. The brewing cycle should be complete within the time limit of 15 minutes.

If the cycle takes longer than that, this code will show up. This usually occurs if there is a fault in the heater.

The heart doesn’t work if there is a blown a fuse. If there is a problem with the heating element, that will not allow the heater o function.

You can fix this issue by changing the faulty parts or by repairing them. You just need to ensure the proper working of the water.

With KCM0802

In this model, this error is even less of a problem than in the last model. This problem indicates that your tank is out of water. Meaning the water storage tank is empty. This happens if you forget to put water in it.

Just pouring the amount of water that the machine can withhold is the only way to deal with this problem. Just fill the tank and press the reset button, and your problem will be cleared.

With KCM514

Suppose the issue appears in this model. That means you need to reset the machine for it to work. It can be caused because of various reasons. But if it shows up, you need to repair the machine.

  • Turn the power on to this device.
  • Locate the power on/off button.
  • Press it for a few seconds.
  • The device will reset.

If the problem continues, then check the electronic components of the device.

With KPCM100

with kpcm100

In the model, the appearance of this code means the maker needs to descaling. To get rid of this problem, you need to reset it.

  • To reset this model, you need to unplug the device and power it off.
  • Just plug the device back in after 30 seconds.
  • Power on the device.
  • Your device has been reset.

With KCM223

This code in this model also means that the device needs a reset. You just need to reset it and get it back to work.

  • You need to press the Brew button on the device.
  • Warm it up to room temperature, as this error occurs when it is cooled down.
  • Let it warm a bit.
  • If the error appears again, the circuits are not working.
  • Get them changed or repaired.


The errors relate to problems depending on their model number. A guide or manual is given in for the cases. You should read it once to know a little more about the problems.

The best way to deal with the problems according to their model is to follow the instructions that are given above.

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