Netgear router not broadcasting wifi

Netgear is one of the famous brands if you talk about the makes famous routers available in the market. Normally, these routers work well without making any issues, but at times users complain about the Netgear router not broadcasting wifi signals.

If your Netgear router is not broadcasting wifi signals or the device is not turning on, first of all, make sure your router is getting wifi signals from your ISP.

If your device informs you, “Connected, no Internet,” then it means your router is not issuing a connection. You can plug a computer into the modem or model with an ethernet wire.

First, restart the device because, at times, just restarting the modem solves the problem, and signals start coming on the devices. If it does not work, remove the physical interference of solid objects from the router.

Keep reading this blog post to get information about different troubleshooting tips to fix this issue.

Netgear router not broadcasting wifi

Netgear is a popular home device to transmit wifi signals, but sometimes you face such a situation that you have internet access but no signals to connect.

I am sharing various reasons why the Netgear router is not broadcasting wifi and how you can fix it without taking help from someone.

Restart the modem

restart the modem

The first and easy troubleshooting tip when you see “Connected, no Internet” on your laptop or computer is restarting the modem.

If you want to restart the modem, press the device’s power button. Now, unplug its router from the wall outlet for two minutes.

Plug in the router after two minutes and press the power button to switch on the device.

If the wifi signals start coming on your smartphone or laptop, then the issue of electric glitches is solved after restarting the router.

Physical interference

physical interference

Do not place any physical thing or solid object on the internet router because if you place anything on the router, then it will stop the wifi signals from transmitting.

Always install the router in that part of the home where there should be less interference from the physical things.

Wifi signals are stopped from solid objects, walls, and windows, so place the router keeping all these things in mind if you don’t want to stop the internet connection.

Hardware damage

If the modem is not broadcasting wifi signals, then check the physical hardware damage to the device. Any physical damage to the modem adopter, modem, or cable can cause this issue.

So inspect all these things deeply and if you see signs of damage on anything, then replace it with a new one so that the modem starts to work properly and broadcast wifi connection.

Network problem

network problem

There is a network problem due to extreme weather conditions like rain, snowfall, etc. The network problem stops the wifi broadcasting, and you face this issue.

You can not do anything in this case but just wait for the internet connection problem to be solved automatically.

More devices connected

If you have a Netgear router not broadcasting wifi problem, then one of its mean causes is there are more devices connected with the one modem.

It depends on the internet speed but does not connect too many devices with one router because it decreases the speed. If you connect five smartphones, laptops, doorbells, etc., with one router, there will obviously be an issue of a decrease in internet or wifi speed.

Update your Netgear router software

update your netgear router software

At times, the pending firmware or software updates of the router also cause the wifi down issue, so keep updating your device.

It’s your choice whether you want to update the modem from the manufacturer’s app or you want to update it from the traditional way of page.

You can easily update the router software through these steps.

  • Open the network settings
  • Select advanced settings.
  • Open the software update tab.
  • Select the check for updates button.

After selecting the check for updates, the software will update automatically in a few moments. After updating the device, restart your modem and inspect the wifi signal again.


The article’s bottom line is that Netgear routers are reliable devices, but sometimes, due to electric glitches or any other issue, the modem stops broadcasting signals.

Decrease a load of too many devices from one modem. Lastly, update the Netgear software update to solve the problem.

If still the issue is there and no wifi signals are coming on the devices, then contact a local professional for a deep inspection of the router and internet connection.

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