How to block wifi signal in a room

How to block wifi signal in a room. The world is advancing at a very rapid rate; many matters around us are altering drastically. If we appear some years again, we have no cellular phones; laptops aren’t available to everyone.

They had regarded smartphones as a luxury. They spent most of the humans doing some household chores, jobs, research, and humans being healthier. But with the grace of this advancement, many matters changed. 

You can learn a new language and recipes and play various video games. But the lot has execs and cons. The same goes for Wi-Fi.

Students spend lots of hours on mobile telephones losing their treasured time alternatively studying.

Office people also slack off work. Often companies block Wi-Fi signals so workers can exhibit better performance. 

How to block wifi signal in a room
block wifi signal in a room

  • Fold out the two folded sides of a solid piece of folded cardboard to create a totally unfolded and flat piece. Place it on a table or other work surface with plenty of space.
  • Apply cardboard or craft glue to the inner surface of the cardboard in a uniform layer. To cover the entire inside of the box, you’ll need numerous strips of aluminum foil. The initial adhesive layer should be roughly the thickness of a strip of aluminum foil to avoid a sloppy mess.
  • Apply a strip of aluminum foil from the roll to the glued part of the carton, making sure it is long enough to cover the breadth of the carton. Fold the edges of the aluminum foil around the carton’s edges if it’s longer than you need.
  • Repeat the previous two steps until the entire inside of the box is covered with aluminum foil. As soon as the glue has dried (the drying time is in the glue container), your Wi-Fi barrier is ready to use. Place it between your Wi-Fi router and the direction you want to block the signal.

Curse of Signals

Anyone familiar with science and science knows how harmful Wi-Fi signals are. These Wi-Fi signals emit different harmful radiations.

These radiations are very damaging to the human body. These include: 

  • Electromagnetic radiations 
  • Infrared radiation 
  • Radio waves 
  • Rays of dangerous wavelengths 

People who are conscious of the risks of these radiations take particular measures to save themselves from the harmful effects. Not only do your Wi-Fi signals emit these radiations. But also, your Bluetooth signals emit these radiations. They emit extremely hazardous radiation as well. 

What are the things that are blocking your Wi-Fi signals?

Building elements such as steel and concrete and tanks and electronics can all obstruct and interfere with Wi-Fi signals. This causes coverage issues in a home.

One of the primary reasons for using newer devices that support the 5 GHz frequency band is that the signals on this band have a shorter range and are thus less likely to generate and solve network interference than older devices that support the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Make use of tape.

The things that are blocking the path include your neighbor’s network connection, individual wireless networks from your home, Bluetooth connection, microwave oven, thick timber walls, Walkie-Talkies, baby monitors, other radios, floor, and metal heating. 


We hope you are now well aware of blocking Wi-Fi signals at home and what materials can block Wi-Fi signals.

As for the surveys, aluminum foil plays an important role as it completely blocks the signals from moving in one direction while concentrating in the other way.

Moreover, aluminum foil is widely used for its least costly and cheap application. 

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