Miele vacuum troubleshooting problems

Miele vacuum troubleshooting problems. A vacuum is an electrical device that is used to clean your house. It sucks dirt and dust from the place where it is used. It has a reverse pump inside that sucks the air and the other particles in or around it.

Vacuums are used in houses for cleaning. They even have a brush that can be used as a broom. They can also be used as blowers when reversed. Miele vacuums are actually advanced as well as good in quality.

So you can be a little at ease, but not completely as even high-quality products can get problems. Even Miele vacuum is not free of problems.

We should know how to troubleshoot any issues that might arise with it. In the articles, we will learn to troubleshoot the problems that might occur in a vacuum.

Miele vacuum troubleshooting problems

miele vacuum troubleshooting problems

Like other companies, Miele products also face problems. The faults or problems that appear commonly in Miele products are no power intake, not sucking properly, and sudden powering off.

Sometimes fiber, because of its long length, gets trapped in the powerhead, making the brush roll unable to move or do rotation. The debris can also get stuck in it. The debris is clogged out in unwanted places.

Common problems

The problems associated with the Miele vacuum can be different depending upon the cause. So methods to troubleshoot the problems are listed below.

Vacuum not starting

Sometimes, even though the vacuum seems fine from the outside and no damage can be seen, the vacuum still might not be working or even starting.

If the Miele vacuum isn’t even starting, you should make sure that it is connected to the power switch properly.

  • Reasons

This may be caused due to two main reasons. The power might be damaged, or it might just be worn down. Either replace or just repair the cord and try. The other reason for this might be that your motor is out of order.

  • Resolving

To resolve this issue, you need to get a new motor installed in your vacuum. The mechanic is a better choice as you might damage the vacuum more.

Sudden stop in working

Sometimes, even though the vacuum was fine a few minutes ago, it stopped working. This might be because of the blockage of the filter. For a solution, you need to take the filter out first.

The filter you will see will e pretty clogged. What you need to do is put the clogged filter under running water.

This will help you scribble the dirt away and then use a brush to completely clean the filter. You might even have to replace the filter if the problem is big.

If the filter is in working condition, but the problem is still not fixed. You should check the dust bag. The bag might be full, and dirt had nowhere to go. Just empty the bag or replace it with another one. Then hopefully, the vacuum will start working.

Miele vacuum brush not rotating

This is one of the most common issues that happen to everyone. This issue is caused because of dust and hair getting stuck on the brush. To get this to work, you need to dismantle and get the brush off the vacuum.

Then use a scissor and, with a gentle amount of force and precision, cut the hair on the brush and clean the dust.

This might be because of the bet holding and rotating of the brush being damaged. You can change the belt on your own.

Powerhead not working

powerhead not working

Sometimes the powerhead might not be spinning properly, or it has been left working completely. This might be because the powerhead might be dead.

This might even be because of the malfunction of the motor. The problem is easy to solve as you need to replace the parts. Make sure the parts you replaced have been put properly.

Red light troubleshooting

If you see your vacuum is giving red light or any other type of warning. You should all the problems above one of them might cause it.

This might be caused by the motor. More likely, the circuit board of the motor is not working properly anymore.

If the understanding is not good. You can always ring customer care to ask for professional advice. That will surely be helpful.


The conclusion of this article is shown by the practicals you will do. The solutions and the problems have been discussed. Just follow the above steps, and you will be free from your problems.

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