Neato vacuum troubleshooting

Neato vacuum troubleshooting. Neato vacuum is a robotic vacuum cleaner. It works on an AI system that controls itself. You can control the vacuum if you want through your mobile devices as well.

It is a highly formidable vacuum cleaner and is secure as it does not take photos or have any microphone in it.

The problems with this type of cleaner are a bit different from the normal vacuum cleaners. The problems can relate to the automatic functions of the device.

The device might not be performing its task as to was designed to. The device will not move on its own. Such problems can cause you a headache.

Neato vacuum troubleshooting

neato vacuum troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your robotic cleaner from time to time can help you get rid of the problems at hand. If we do not resolve the problems of vacuum cleaners timely, we might face bigger threats in the future.

There might be an issue with the connectivity of the device. The sensors of the device might not be working as they should. The sensors do not detect the walls and the stairs.

It might just go offline on its own. The controls might work properly. Your machine is not even powering, or it is not charging.

Not energizing

Your device might turn on when you push the power button. The reason for this might be the better is not charged. The battery can also be dead. The charging jack is not charging the battery. The power button is broken or taken some damage.

  • Charge your battery if it is low.
  • If it is not charging, check if electricity is being supplied to it.
  • Check the boards and the plugs to see if them working.
  • The charging jack might have been damaged because of rash use.
  • Open the device and replace the charging jack with a new one.
  • Now the charging, so it should work.
  • Replace the batteries if the batteries are dead or no longer useful.

Robot connecting errors

The robot device might not connect to your mobile device. You cannot control the robot even though the device seems to be connected. The cause of these errors can be that you are out of range. The settings of the device are not correct.

  • To simply connect, open your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Your robot will chime.
  • Do not try to connect before the sound.
  • After you hear the sound, tap connect.
  • Your device will probably connect.
  • If not, make sure the connection is secure.
  • Suppose you see a rule of port 80 traffic. Use HTTP or some other protocol to connect.
  • If these steps do not work, you can call the helpline to solve it.

Red light

A common issue in your robotic cleaner is the red light error. The blinking of your red light is connected to the maintenance of your device. It means you need to maintain your device now as it is exhausted.

  • Remove the device from the charging base.
  • Take the bin and filter it out.
  • Empty the bin in a dustbin or trash can.
  • Clean the filter, so you have no clogging.
  • Run the bin in water so that it can be cleaned better.
  • If the filter is broken, replace it.
  • Set the filter and the bin back into the places you removed them from.
  • Make sure their level is not rising above the robot.

Not cleaning properly

not cleaning properly

Not cleaning properly is the major issue of this or any other vacuum cleaner. This can be caused due to the lack of proper guidance. Your device may not be sucking properly due to a faulty motor.

The batteries can be low. The device has some faults in it. There might be some physical damage to the device, or it can be some software error.

Check for issues with the battery and resolve them. The methods to do so are listed above. Clean the device and maintain it as mentioned above. If there is physical damage. Try to repair it or replace the part that is damaged.

The software issue can be removed if you reset the device. You can do it if you read the instructions.

  • Press the spot clean, home, and clean buttons at the same time.
  • Wait till the light ring swirls around the clean button.
  • When the light ring appears, let the buttons you were pressing go.
  • The device will restart, meaning that the factory has been reset.


Neato vacuum troubleshooting. Dealing with a robotic vacuum cleaner is not that big of a problem, as you can always get help from customer care if you do not understand the problem.

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