Miele vacuum power switch not working

Miele vacuum power switch not working. An electronic device that enables you to get rid of dust, as well as dirt, is known as a vacuum cleaner. It comprises a pump inside that actually performs the function.

Its primary use is to keep the house clean from dirt and dust. It is also used in offices and industries for cleaning. Another use of it is a blower.

The vacuum cleaner is turned on with its switch, as it is an electronic device. Sometimes the switch breaks or stops working.

Miele vacuum power switch not working

miele vacuum power switch not working

The Miele vacuum power switch might not be working properly because of different reasons, like the power is not connected properly.

Maybe the power switch is loose. The power switch might even be short. The power switch might look fine from the outside, but it is broken.

The power switch might be fine, but the wires connected to it have been torn off. These problems are the common causes.

Reason for not working

Some of the reasons that occur commonly in Meile vacuum cleaners are discussed to some extent as well as their solutions are listed.

Cord reel in bad condition or quality

Cold reel problems are the most basic of problems related to vacuum power switches. Cold reels are reels that surround the coil when we trace them in a vacuum.

The part of cold reels even includes electrical cords as well. To allow the rotation freely cord reel is located on a spindle.

With time, the reels, due to excess use, move side to side as they are old and loosen up. Due to this, the connector that connects the cord reel and the vacuum cleaner becomes separated.

Due to this, the power may not flow through it, and then, due to lack of power, they stop working.

Replacing the cord reel is a good option, but if you have some knowledge about the vacuum, you can actually repair the cord reel by yourself.

Improper suction motor

Improper suction motor here means a suction motor that is bad or not working. We know that vacuum sucks the dirt. The dirt is actually sucked by a suction motor.

There is not any method to repair the motor by yourself or anyone. The only thing you can do to fix such a problem is to get the motor replaced. Send it to the company a better job will be done there.

Air flow blocked

This is another common issue with the cleaner. Sometimes things get stuck with your vacuum hoe as you suck them up.

Sometimes the pieces are in some much length or quantity, they can block the whole vacuum, and this results in no airflow in the vacuum.

Your vacuum actually keeps working, but it won’t be able o suck anything. This might coz the current to overflow and the power to stop working. So, unblock the airflow and try again.

Wiring issues

wiring issues

There is a fuse and other electrical circuits in the vacuum. They control the flow of electricity and control the vacuum as well. The fault in them can result in a shortage of the power button.

This will not allow the power to reach the circuit, and the vacuum won’t work. This may be caused because of the melting of the fuse that is present in your vacuum.

Checking the fuse and other components with a multimeter and replacing them is a general way to deal with the problem caused by the wiring r fuse.

Power not reaching the vacuum

The above reasons are valid, but what if the power wasn’t even reaching the vacuum, and you have checked the vacuum? The switch of the vacuum might not allow the flow, or the vacuum was not connected to the board properly.

Maybe the main board was switched off. So before the other problems check, the other problems check this problem as it is the basic one. You might not even need to open the vacuum.

Just replace the power button, turn on the power supply and switch the vacuum in properly. This will help you start the vacuum.


Can a broken switch be fixed?

The broken switch can only be fixed depending upon the condition of the board. If it is not that broken, you can fix it. Otherwise, replacing is a better choice.

Is a power switch necessary?

Although a power switch is vital, it is not necessary. You can turn on your cleaner without the power switch as well.


The problems assassinated with the power button can be both internal and external. So fixing or getting a new vacuum can help you deal with your problem.

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