My garage door won’t close unless i hold the button down

Sometimes, people happen to face a serious problem of not having the door situated at the entrance of the garage closed down after getting the button pressed down.

There might be some reasons behind the problems. You will be sorting them after having read the article carefully.

My garage door won’t close unless i hold the button downgarage door won't close unless i hold the button down

Possible motives behind the problem

The reasons causing your garage doors to stay open even after holding the button down are mentioned right down here.

  • Problematic lock-out knob
  • Obstructed sensors
  • Possible infusions in the sensors
  • Unsecured cables

Make sure that you do not miss any single detail in order to get rid of the problem. Every reason also has a solution mentioned in it, so read it carefully.

Problematic lock-out knob

There might be a situation in which the situated button, the purpose of which is to close and open the doors after receiving the signal from the remote, does not respond.

First of all, start by checking out the batteries of the very remote in order to check out whether it had active charges or not. Replace the batteries if needed; otherwise, proceed with the procedure.

In case the remote has good batteries and a door, the button still does not respond to the signal, which indicates that the engagement has occurred within it.

To cope with it, check the light installed on the button to see if it is turned on or off. Manually choose to keep it on or off. Once the button is disengaged, it will resume its function.

Obstructed sensorsobstructed sensors

Garage doors have sensors installed in them for working efficiently and safely because of the automated system.

Sometimes, some object or your kid might be in between the doors, and you press the button ordering the door to close; it will not obey the sensor because sensors sense the existence of something visible in front of them.

Being functional for a long time creates some problems in them as one of them is getting blocked sometimes.

Once the sensors feel the blockage, the system will not work, no matter how strong or how many times you press the button and keep it holding out.

Make sure that there is nothing between the doors before holding the button down because the existence of anything will surely stop the sensors from performing what they are supposed to do.

Possible infusions in the sensors

Sometimes, your garage doors will not close when the press the remote button because the sensors might get infused with dirt or something else, causing it to have a blind eye.

It means that the sensors might become blind because of any infusions like dirt and other things, so make sure that you always keep your sensors neat and clean.

Sensors have a resemblance to cameras, and their lenses are also sensitive, so do the cleaning process with soft hands and carefully.

Make sure you do not dip the cloth used for cleaning purposes into the water very much. Only utilize a mild amount of water and get rid of any residue or left-over situated on the sensors.

Unsecured cablesunsecured cables

The door might not close or function fully because of some issues in the writing system or wires too.

The cables of the whole system sometimes get rough or stiff, which might cause them to have a breakage point.

Make sure you fully check out the wires to indicate the broken parts. Have them repaired or replaced when found.

If the wires do not seem to have any broken parts, make sure that they are fully connected to the electrical supply.

While carrying on the whole procedure, keep yourself protected.

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