Genie garage door opener remote not working

Genie garage door opener remote not working. Opening the door of the garage every time you need to use or park the car can be quite a hassle. Even if you are running late to the office or have to pick children from school, these small things can be really time-consuming up to a certain point.

The remote-controlled garage opener comes with infrared remote control, a switch, and an electric motor. Within the desired range when the remote control is pressed it generates an infrared signal to the receiver attached to the switch which in terms starts and stops an electric motor to open and close the garage door.

This automatic technology can ease you to open and close the garage door without lifting heavy doors of the car and manually open it.

The remote-controlled door is literally useless if the remote does not work. Many people face this problem daily as their garage opener remote is not working properly.

The Remote must be within the specified range of its IR signal-sending intensity before it will work properly, but there can be another issue for the remote to not function.

Genie garage door opener remote not workinggenie garage door opener remote not working 2021

Check Batteries

The most common of all problems is dead batteries. Weak or dead batteries are the most prevalent reason for garage door remote control failure.

Use name-brand quality batteries instead of inexpensive brands to ensure that the batteries are always good.

Furthermore, while utilizing rechargeable batteries is practically good and economically effective in the long term, they only provide about 1.2 volts, as opposed to 1.5 volts from an alkaline battery.

As a result, a remote supplied with two rechargeable batteries would only receive 2.4 volts when it was designed to operate on 3 volts.

The remote control unit’s range and effectiveness could be threatened by a 25% loss of power.

Battery contactsgenie garage door opener remote battery contacts

It is a very small piece of metal with an attached spring onto which the cell or battery is connected.

The electrical current from the batteries cannot fully reach the circuit board within the remote control due to dirty, damaged, or wet contacts inside the battery casing.

Before any battery can properly power the remote control, the contacts must be dried and polished if they are discolored, pitted, or moist.

Fine-grit sandpaper, such as 400-grit or fine steel wool, can be used to polish contacts.

Clean the Eye (lens) of the Remote as well as the Receiver

The lens-type area on the remote and the receiver from which the infrared rays are passed and received is called the eye. A soft, moist cloth can be used to wipe the eyes clean.

The majority of remote eyes are composed of plastic, which, while scratch-resistant, can be scratched if pushed against metal, abrasive fibers, or dropped to the ground.

Although specialist plastic polishing solutions can be used to polish the plastic, if the IR eye on a remote control is substantially damaged, pitted, or gouged, there may be no other option than to replace it.

Reset the Systemgenie garage door opener remote reset the system

If the remote doesn’t work after cleaning the lens and changing the batteries, it is best to reset the system. Small computers are used in remote controls and receivers.

The circuit boards in both the remote control and the receiver need to be rebooted from time to time, which necessitates a reset.

Resetting the remote involves removing the batteries for around 30 seconds and then reinstalling them.

A receiver can be reset by disconnecting it from the wall socket for around 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.

Loose Connection

If you’ve had this problem since the beginning and doing the above solutions doesn’t help, you likely have a faulty connection. If you’re confident in your abilities, check the power source as well as the wires.

It’s possible that a wire is either loose or snapped. If you don’t know anything about this, though, you might wish to hire a professional.

Something may be blocking the Remote Signals

On the front of the garage door opener, the remote is an IR sensor that sends signals to the garage door. However, if the signal is interfered with, it may not be able to reach the garage door.

This is why you must be certain that nothing is interfering. Things like energy-saving bulbs, radios, and competing signals can cause it to malfunction.

Contact Customer Support

If the problem is not fixed or solved by the above solution. It is best to call the customer representative and that the device checked for your benefit. Guide on how to reset genie garage door opener.

Genie garage door opener remote not working

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