Mr heater wont stay lit

Mr heater wont stay lit. Usually, Mr. Heater will not work after some time or stay lit if it has low gas. The thermocouple of any heater can be dirty and cause its shutting.

The orifice of Mr. Heater may have been clogged, so your Mr. Heater doesn’t stay lit.

My Mr. Heater that was recent purchase was not working well. Not that recent, it would light, but it wouldn’t stay lit. The problem with this device was something I had faced before, but the company was different.

Mr. Heater was a new brand to me. Before trying to fix the lighting issue, I read Mr. Heater’s manual.

I was removed that Mr. Heater is similar to most propane heaters that have been fixed by me. I fixed my Mr. Heater as I made it stay lit without it getting turned off on its own.

Mr heater wont stay lit

Mr. Heater can get you the heat you desire with its smooth heating technology, but Mr. Heater is not safe from issues either.

Regardless of being an advanced heater, it also has propane issues like other heaters. There can be pilot issues in propane heaters, or the thermocouple of your heater may be busted.

The pilot tube can be having a dirt party. The malfunction of sensors like the thermopile is also common. Gass valves have a tendency to get clogged.

The spark mechanism may be defective as well. The office is also a rising issue in heaters.

Pilot issues

pilot issues

The smallest issue should be the first. The pilot issue is not that small, but the pilot itself is small, and so is the flame of the pilot.

The pilot lights the heater, and the pilot light is a must to have if you want to keep the heater running.

The health of the pilot means a lot. You can know the pilot’s health by looking at the color of the pilot’s light.

If the pilot’s light color is ignited blue, then the pilot is completely healthy. The heating flame is created by the blue light of the pilot flame.

The pilot light should be blue to maintain the temperature. Sometimes the pilot light becomes orange. The orange light shows the poor health of your pilot.

The pilot light may have moved as the orange flame of the pilot is caused by this movement. Dirt in the pilot will cause a light issue for you as well.

The pilot may not be making blue light because of air blockage. The pilot fixes are below.


The health of the pilot light is affected by the wind. The wind for the pilot light may be too low or too much. It is affected by the position of the pilot, so change the position of the pilot.

Abrasive material or clothes should clean the pilot. The airflow may cause the light color, so place the heater where it has sufficient airflow, and the air blockage reasons should be removed.

Gas valve issue

gas valve issue

Gas valves come after the pilot issue. You can solve the gas valve issue before checking the pilot too. The gas valve is important, and you may have a gas valve that is faulty.

The importance of the gas valve is immense. The gas valve is the supplier of the gas to the heater, and the gas is the most important thing for the heater. A gas valve issue can disrupt the heater.

The gas valve needs to be functional for the heater to be working. The gas valve gets faulty or appears to be faulty because of clogs in it. The glass valve may be shut.

Damage to the gas valve is common. Time can damage the gas valve. Not laminating the heater and then the gas valve of the heater will get you the dirt you don’t like. Gas valve fixes are below.


The gas valve can be fixed depending on the gas valve issue.

If the gas valve is only shut, then you can move the valve to the other direction, usually in a clockwise direction, and turn the gas valve on. If the shut gas valve was not the problem, then the clogging in the gas valve will pick up your interest.

The gas valve will be near the heater’s burner. Clean the gas valve and nearby area so that it won’t get clogged easily.

Cleaning is sometimes difficult, so replace the gas valve if it’s dirty and does the same if it’s faulty.

Propane sensor issues

propane sensor issues

If you don’t have a pilot issue and even the gas valve is great, then a faulty sensor will be your issue. The faulty sensors can damage the pilot light as well.

Your heater has a propane sensor inside, and that can get faulty. The propane sensor senses the propane and closing of the flow, and even starting is controlled by it.

There are certain other functions that the propane sensor controls.

The propane sensors get faulty because of dirt, like other sensors. The dirt, when gathered on the sensor, can make them not sense the presence of gas, and that can cause the fault.

If the propane sensor has malfunctioned, safety features will be triggered by it. The device will shut off after sensing the problems inside the sensor.

The propane sensor can malfunction for distinct reasons with time. Read more below!


The sensors have dirt, so if the dirt is clear and all their sensing power is restored, the sensors will work fine. The cleaning of sensor should not be rough.

The sensor can get damaged with rough cleaning. But sandpaper should be fine to clean the sensor.

Rub the sensors with sandpaper and get all the dirt that is etched into the sensor. Rub all the dirt and remove it. Make sure that the sensor gets enveloped in the flame.

At least half of the sensor should be engulfed in the flame. If the propane sensor is faulty, replace it.

Thermocouple issues

thermocouple issuess

If the propane sensor is perfectly clean and working, then your thermocouple may be in danger. The thermocouple is to save the heater from gas leakage.

The as is stopped from being leaked by the thermocouple.

The thermocouple senses the heat from the pilot as the pilot turns on, and after the thermocouple senses the heat, it turns the gas valve open so that the gas can pass through and the heater can light up.

If the thermocouple becomes faulty for some reason, the heat from the pilot or the flame won’t be detected by it, and the gas valve will remain closed because of the failed thermocouple.

The thermocouple can be displaced for some reasons as well. The displaced thermocouple doesn’t detect the flame from the pilot either and thus fails to ignite the heater.

It can also not detect the heat in the middle of its work. Read more below!


Start by checking the thermocouple. The thermocouple can be displaced, so see if it has moved from its position or not. If the thermocouple has changed its position, push it to its position after it has cooled.

The normal distance of the thermocouple should be about an inch from the pilot, so don’t push it too much.

The thermocouple should be cleaned before you try again. Sometimes the thermocouple is not displaced or dirty, but it has faults.

The faulty thermocouple is not fixable. A replacement of the thermocouple in the right position should be enough.


If your Mr. Heater doesn’t remain lit, then troubleshooting Mr. Heater can be beneficial. Above issues aside, the pilot tube can be dirty.

The spark mechanism of your heater may be faulty. Check the orifice of the heater if nothing else is fixed. Replace Mr. Heater if not fixed. Thanks for reading!

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