Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off

Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off. It is always wise to ensure that your comfort zone heater does its best job in the cold weather.

These automatic heaters have a thermostat that tells the heating system how much longer it will have to heat the room.

The heater’s problem keeps getting shut off, even though the room is still not warm enough, called short cycling. It is a kind of heating system failure that can happen to any automatic heating system.

It can cause extra heating bills and a cold home. There can be numerous reasons for short cycling in heaters.

Comfort zone heater keeps shutting off
why comfort zone heater keeps shutting off

Problem with the Heater Thermostat

This is the most common problem in the automatic comfort zone heating system, telling the heating system that your home temperature is warmer than it is; resultantly, the heating system shuts off.

This problem with the thermostat is easily repairable. You just need to adjust your thermostat or fix or replace it if it is broken.

Problem with the refrigerant

Sometimes, the heating system loses its refrigerant, causing a decrease in the heater’s heating.

This problem can be due to some leakage in the refrigerant unit, which can be fixed by getting it repaired and refilling the refrigerant.

Too big heater

Another reason for the comfort zone heaters shutting off is having a large heater in a smaller room. The oversized heater will heat the room faster, and the heater will shut off before it has completed its cycle, resulting in not spreading the heat evenly in your home.

This problem cannot be fixed with any deliver repair; you will just have to look for a smaller heater.

Diagnosing the problem

You need to shut off and unplug the heater from its electrical outlet before you start diagnosing the problem. After unplugging it, follow these steps to find out what exactly is causing your heating system to shut off. 

  1. Checking the Power Supply

The comfort zone heating system runs on electricity, so the first step would be to check if it is getting its power supply uninterruptedly.

  1. Checking the Power Breaker

Next, check the breaker it is delivering enough power to the heating system. It may have gotten weaker or problematic with time. 

  1. Checking the heating Components

If the problem is not with the power supply or the breaker, check the heating system components. If any component is broken or faulty, it may be causing the short cycling in your comfort zone heater.

  1. Checking the Auto-Safety Features

Comfort zone heaters come with auto-safety features like overheating sensors and auto-off features in case of overheating. Check these features in your heater to see if they are working correctly or if they need to be fixed.

  1. Checking of Filter

Your comfort zone heater has an air filter that needs to be checked every few months. If this air filter has clogs or blockage, it can affect the airflow through the heating system. 

  1. Checking the internal control system

The internal control system components are also prone to failure. If any internal parts are not working correctly, it may cause short cycling in your heater.


Comfort Zone heaters are usually pretty reliable heating systems, but sometimes they start having issues like short cycling. To fix this issue, you first need to diagnose the reason.

After you have diagnosed the reason, you can either fix the issue or replace the heater if the problem is not resolved.

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