Disadvantages of ceramic heaters

Disadvantages of ceramic heaters. Usually, a ceramic space heater is a suitable option to warm the room in cold weather, but there are some disadvantages to it also. As its size is very small, you can manage it only in the small room.

If the size of the room is large, then you could not get the required warmth in the cold winter season.

The second negative point about the space heater is that it needs high power to work. A high voltage of electricity is needed to start it. Eventually, it will increase the power bill in the month. So if your budget is tight, then you can not afford it.

One more thing to keep in mind is that if you are using such a model of ceramic heaters in which there is no fan installed, then it will generate less amount of heat. Keep reading my research to know about the cons of ceramic heaters.

Disadvantages of ceramic heaters

disadvantages of ceramic heaters

Last winter, I bought a ceramic space heater for the first time to get safety from the cold weather. I used it for three months, and now I am sharing my thoughts on it.

There are different pros and cons to it. Here we are focusing on the disadvantages of the space heaters, which are mentioned below.

These key points will surely make it easy for you the choice to purchase a heater in the winter.

Suitable for small room only

The biggest disadvantage of the space heaters is that it is suitable for small room only. If the area of your room is big, then it will not heat the room properly.

Without a fan

If you are utilizing a heater in which there is no fan is fixed, then the room will heat up slowly. Those models in which a fan is installed then will spread the heat fastly.

So it is suggested to you if you are planning to purchase a space heater, then always buy that model in which the fan is fixed.

Heat shifting is stopped with physical barriers

If you are sitting at a distance from the space heater and there is some physical object in between, then there will be less chance of heat transfer. Heat transference is stopped due to physical objects.

So whenever you are sitting close to the space heater to warm the body, then ensure that there is no physical object like a table or chair in between.

Regularly run to provide heat

In winter, everyone needs heat to survive in cold weather. Now the issue with the space heater is that it will provide heat as long as it runs.

By the time you will shut it off, the heat will be finished in the room.

Need high electricity

need high electricity

Ceramic heaters need high electrical power to run. It increases the load on the circuit breaker, due to which it will start to trip again and again.

It consumes more voltage so you can use electricity all the time because it will increase the bill at the end of the month. If you are living in such an area in which the voltage power remains low, then you can use the space heaters.

Impossible to recycle

There are some appliances that you can recycle, but this product does not give this favor. You can not recycle an electric heater.

It is made up of components that can not be used in the recycling process.

Takes time to convey electricity

Another negative point about space heaters is that it takes time to heat up and convey electricity in the room.

If the size of the room is larger, then the problem will be more because it delivers the heat slowly.


The conclusion of the article is that besides the advantages of the space heaters there are some disadvantages of them also.

It is not suitable in that room which is large in size. It also delivers the heat in the room at a low speed.

The biggest disadvantage of these heaters is that it needs high electricity to work efficiently, which is surely not a pocket-friendly thing due to the increase in the power bill.

If your home budget is not enough, then you can not enjoy this luxury in the winter.

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