Propane heater keeps shutting off

Propane heater keeps shutting off. As everyone knows, heaters are used in wintertime to heat the room. For this motive, various types of radiators are used for warming the homes.

There are contrasting types of heaters that are used in diverse states. Some of them operate with power, and some of them utilize gas.

If your heater keeps shutting off, then it is very annoying. It is mostly due to the thermocouple, which is at a distance from the heater.

You will have to take a thermocouple near the heater so that the gas supply remains consistent.

If the amount of carbon near the thermocouple of the heater increases, then also it starts shutting off; it is better to clean the area near the heater for proper heat without disturbance of switching off.

Propane heater keeps shutting offheater keeps shutting off

The propane heater is the lighted propellant in liquid form, and after squeezing it is converted into heaters.

Propane heaters are considered the strongest and most well-regulated. They have the capability of rapidly increasing the temperature of the area.

It is very disgusting that the propane heater is shutting off after every five minutes in cold winters. This problem can be fixed to get proper heat in the following ways.

Advance your thermocouple

The main reason behind the shutting off of propane heaters is that thermocouple is at a distance from the flame, due to which gas supply is erupting, and the pilot is shutting off the propane heater.

To solve this problem, first of all, switch off the supply of gas and leave it for some to cool down as it is very heated up already.

Open the screws of the head and body of the heater and place them near you.

Now see the thermocouple of the heater; it should be close to the pilot. After reducing the distance, tighten up the screws and switch it on again.

Increase in carbon near the thermocouple

You know propane heater is made of carbon base material, and carbon is not a metal. So if you will burn the propane heater, then it will increase the carbon in the surroundings.

This could be the reason that carbon is built up on the thermocouple of the heater.

The thermocouple will not send its signal to the valve of the propane heater because carbon will not transfer heat through it. To avoid this problem, clean the layer of carbon regularly over the thermocouple so that it can easily work at full speed.

Blockage of pilot tube

If the pilot tube of the propane heater is blocked, then it is the reason that your heater keeps shutting off. If the flow of gas in the pilot tube is not sufficient, then the thermocouple can not continue the temperature.

You can open the blocked pilot tube by pushing a pin in the tube to clean the carbon pieces or small insects. This problem of the pilot tube can be easily solved just by pushing a pin in the pilot tube.

Decrease in gas pressure

In some areas, due to a lot of usage of gas in the winter season, the pressure of gas decreases. The patio light will not turn on due to a decrease in gas pressure.

Excessive corrosion

If your propane heater keeps switching off, then one reason could be excessive corrosion, due to which there will be a problem of limitation in the pilot tube.

Clear the gas lineclear the gas line

Besides the cleaning of the propane heater, its gas line can also get dust in it, due to which gas will not completely flow at full speed.

You can fix this problem by turning the gas valve in both ways and using water to clean the dust completely.

Leakage of gas and lose connections

If there is leakage of gas in the pipeline or gas is leaking through loose connections, then the propane heater will not get the required amount of gas to switch, and as a result, your heater is keep switching off due to a decrease in pressure from losing connections, Always tight the connections of gas while you are installing its pipes.


Propane heaters are good to have in cold winters, but if the gas pressure decreases, then they will keep switching off; there are some other reasons also, like loose connections and blockage in the pilot tube. A thermocouple must also be near the pilot to start the propane heater.

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