Magnavox tv troubleshooting won’t turn on

Magnavox tv troubleshooting won’t turn on. Everyone loves to watch entertainment programs on tvs, and Magnavox is one of the most reliable tv brands worldwide because it offers many features and functions for its users.

But you can’t trust electrical appliances because they can stop working and malfunction for any reason. If you are worried because your Magnavox tv is not turning on, then don’t worry because you are in the right place.

Last Sunday, when I tried to turn on my tv to spend time, it won’t turn on.

Firstly, I was very annoyed, but when I inspected the tv power cable, then, I got to know that it is not securely plugged into the wall outlet due to which the electric current is not passing to the tv from the outlet.

I plugged in the cord tightly the Magnavox immediately turned on.

Magnavox tv troubleshooting won’t turn on.

Magnavox tvs are usually reliable because of their high quality, but sometimes they won’t turn on due to some errors.
Sometimes, the device does not turn on due to minor issues like a loose cable connection, faulty outlet, and damaged power cable. While sometimes, the Magnavox prevents power on due to a burnt power board and other internal components.
Keep reading the article because I will share all the possible solutions for Magnavox TV not turning on. You can try these methods to fix the issue without hiring any tv expert.

Check remote controlcheck remote control 1

If you are frustrated to see the Magnavox tv is not turning on, then, first of all, check whether the red light is blinking on the tv sensor or not.

If the red light is blinking, then it means an electric current is accessing the tv, and it could be an issue with your remote control.

Your tv will only operate from the remote control when the tv IR sensor and remote control sensor are in the same line.

There should be no physical obstruction between the tv and the remote control because if there is anything in between, then the signals will not transmit to the tv.

You should always stay close to the tv to operate the device from the remote control. If you try to turn on the tv standing out of range from the remote control, then the tv will not turn on.

Check the remote power batteries because damaged batteries will not turn on your tv. So, check all these points one by one if you are trying to turn on your tv with the remote control device.

The power cable is not plugged in

If the red light on the IR sensor is not turned on, then it means no electric current is accessing the tv. Sometimes, the power cable is unplugged or loose in the power outlet, due to which the tv is not turned on.

Check if the tv power cable is tightly plugged into the outlet or if it is loose. If it is loose, then make sure it is plugged in properly.

It’s important to keep the Magnavox tv’s power cable in a straight position because if it is twisted or tangled, then it is damaged or broken after some time and won’t let the electric current pass.

If the power cord is broken, purchase the new high-quality and branded cable online from Amazon or any hardware store to turn on your device.

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Try another wall outlet

If the Magnavox tv is not turning on from one wall outlet, then remove the plug from that outlet and try to insert it in the next outlet to ensure the previous outlet is faulty or not.

If the tv turns on by plugging in the wall outlet in the next outlet, then it is confirmed now that the previous outlet is faulty due to frayed wires or any unknown reason.

If no wall outlet is available in the room, then you can also use a power strip to make sure the issue is only with the outlet.

The circuit breaker is trippedthe circuit breaker is tripped

When you keep your tv turned for a long time, or there is a power surge in the circuit, then the circuit breaker is tripped and won’t let the electric current access the wall outlet in which you have plugged in your tv.

Open your main circuit box, usually fixed in the home basement or garage, and locate the circuit breaker.

If any circuit breaker is tripped, then change its position from OFF to ON. Plug in your tv again and check if it turns on.

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Reset your tv

Sometimes, the tv won’t turn on due to minor bugs and glitches, and the best thing to clear these issues is to reset your tv.

It’s a different procedure to turn on every tv model. So, first of all, check the tv model from your device manufacturer’s manual.

Although the general procedure to reset the tvs is the same so start your resetting the tv by removing all HDMI cables and wires from the tv.

Now, long press the Magnavox tv power button for a few minutes. It will automatically start resetting, so leave your tv to complete the process because it will continue for 15 to 20 minutes.

After the complete reset, you can try to power it by connecting the cables and other wires. Make sure you have not connected the power cable to the TV during the resetting process.

Faulty capacitorfaulty capacitor

It’s very necessary to give a break to your tv for one to two hours if you are continuously watching it for a long time.

When the tv is turned on for a longer time, then its different internal components are damaged due to overheating.

Capacitors work like power batteries in the tvs, and if they become faulty and stop working, then electric power will not be shifted to the tv. Power surges also affect the capacitor’s work efficiency. Here are Sharp tv troubleshooting

Unfortunately, you can’t replace the faulty capacitors inside the tv because it’s a very complex electric system inside your tv. You can fix it properly until you are skillfully professional.

So, hire an experienced tv expert to look at your tv hardware issues. If the capacitors or power board is damaged, then replace them with new ones.


The last words on this informative guide are that if your Magnavox tv doesn’t turn on, it can happen for many reasons. You can use all the steps mentioned in this post to get your TV back to work.

Check the main box’s remote control, wall outlet, power cable, and circuit breaker. You can also try to rest your tv to turn it on TV. However, if nothing works, consult with a professional for internal hardware problems.