My Emerson tv won’t turn on

My Emerson tv won’t turn on. Emerson tv brands are wonderful to have in the house to stream thousands of channels and social apps. These tvs are reliable and work longer if you use them properly.

Most people love to relax their minds by scrolling through different channels and apps, but if you keep your tv turned on continuously for a long time, then it will overheat the device, and the tv won t turn on.

If your Emerson tv is not turning on, then start your tv troubleshooting by checking the power source, remote control, and power cable.

There is no need to worry if your tv is not turning on because it happens with many users, so before you contact a tv expert to look at your tv, read this article carefully and follow the instructions to fix your Emerson tv.

My Emerson tv won’t turn on

Emerson is a leading brand in producing tvs, but every device has some issues during its lifespan. The most common issue that users experience is tv won’t turn on.

Sometimes, the tv prompt you to turn it on with the remote control when the remote batteries are dead and the wall outlet in which you have plugged in the tv power cable is faulty.

Last month, it happened to me that I turned off my tv at night, and it was working well, but when I switched it on the TV the next day, it did not turn on.

Then, I searched for an online solution for troubleshooting this problem, so read my full article to find the solution.

Check remote control

check remote control

Most people use a remote control device to turn on and operate the tv because you can not go again and again close to the tv to change the channel and volume.

The remote control is the most commonly used device in the home. Therefore, its batteries become dead after two months.

So, when you see you have to press the remote buttons two to three times to change the channel, then it means the remote batteries are weak, and it’s time to replace them with new batteries.

When you replace the batteries in the remote control, then ensure the batteries are correctly fixed according to the + and – signs.
Do not throw your remote control on the floor surface because the remote control sensor is broken if it falls on the floor accidentally.
Always replace high-quality batteries in the remote control to turn on the tv.

Change the outlet

change the outlet

On some occasions, the tv won’t turn on due to a faulty outlet. When you plug in the cable in the wall outlet, and it does not turn on the red light on the tv, it means the current t is not transferring to the tv from the outlet.

If there is no issue with the cable and there are no signs of damage on the cable, then you need to change the outlet to confirm the socket is faulty or it is working.
Plug in the socket in the next outlet to check whether the tv is turned on or not now. If the tv is turned on in the next outlet, it means teh previous wall point or socket is faulty. Element tv won’t turn on

Physical interference

When you turn on the tv with the remote control, then there should be no physical obstruction or interference between the tv and the remote control.

The remote control uses infrared rays to operate the tv, so if there is a physical barrier like a table, wall, or window.

Always aim the remote sensor directly toward the tv and maintain a distance because if you try to turn on the tv from standing far away to tv, then it will not turn on.

Faulty input cable

Input cable is used as the main wire to provide electric current to the tv from the wall outlet. If the input power cable is broken or twisted from somewhere, then the Emerson TV will not turn on.

You can only replace the damaged cable to turn on the tv. It’s your choice to purchase the new HDMI cable online from the internet or the market.

Replace main board

replace main board

The main board is the basic power supply board in the tv. If it is damaged or stopped working for an unknown reason, then contact a local tv expert to replace the main board in the tv. Insignia tv won’t turn on

Soft reset

If the tv is not turning on with the remote control or device power button, perform the soft reset before you move to the next steps.

Soft reset simply means to power cycle by restarting the device. Restarting the device wipes all the software glitches and bugs issue and removes the excess power.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Disconnect the tv power cable from the power joint.
  2. Wait for at least two minutes.
  3. Aim the remote control towards the tv and long press the power button for 30 seconds.
  4. Plug in the cable after 2 minutes to turn on the tv

Contact with professional

If all the tips described in this directory did not help you, then now it’s time to bring your Emerson tv to a local tv repair center.

The professional will open the back screws and check the tv backlight issue, faulty cables, and components inside the tv.

If you have newly purchased the tv, then you have the choice to contact Emerson Center to inform them of the issue and claim the warranty.


The final thoughts on this article are if you have the Emerson tv in the home, then save it from overheating because it damages different cables and components. Check your remote control batteries and wall outlet if the tv won’t turn on.

All the possible solutions to fix your tv not turning on are explained in this post to help you but if these troubleshooting tips do not help you turn on the tv, then contact a local professional to repair the tv.

Keep clearing the cache data and updating the tv software is also necessary because sometimes outdated software stops the tv from turning on.