Sharp tv troubleshooting

Sharp tv troubleshooting. Sharp tvs are decent, less space-taking, and lighter TVs for watching entertainment programs with high-quality pictures and sound.

However, you never know about electronic devices when they start malfunctioning, so in this article, I will explain different troubleshooting tips.

Learning how to fix different software and hardware issues related to a sharp tv is imperative because if you hire a professional to fix your tv, you will have to pay money for it.

Last Sunday, when I returned from the office and decided to watch a movie to relax my tired mind, the tv won’t start.

After a few attempts, I called a professional to fix my sharp, and it was only a loose cable connection error stopping the tv from turning on. When I paid the money, then I thought I should research all the possible troubleshooting tips to fix the problem.

So read this full article to learn all the troubleshooting steps related to different issues of sharp tvs.

Sharp tv troubleshooting

If you have sharp tv in your home to entertain yourself and your family, then you must know about the different troubleshooting tips related to various issues.

Hiring a tv repair professional is always costly, and you can not spend much money every time to repair the tv. So please read my full research to fix different problems.

Sharp tv won’t turn onsharp tv wont turn on

If your  is not turning on, then it’s very frustrating because there is not only one reason responsible for stopping the tv from turning on.

First, check if the sharp tv’s power cable is securely connected to the power outlet or if it is loose. If the cable is not connected tightly, then electric current will not transfer to the tv from the electric outlet. So, make sure the cable connection is tight.

If the cable connection is tightened, but the tv is not turning on, then check the damaged sign on the power cable.

With time, some power cables are damaged or twisted due to which current is not passed through them and as a result the tv won’t turn on. So, replace the cable with a new high-quality power cable if it is damaged.

If the power cable is in a normal position, then change the plug in the tv power cable in the next outlet because sometimes wall outlets stop working due to damaged and burnt wire inside the unit.

If the red light is turned on in the sensor or receiver, then aim the remote directly towards the IR sensor and make sure the remote control has working batteries. There is no physical obstruction between the sharp tv receiver and the remote device.

Sound problem

If the distorted and mix up sound is coming from your , then you can not enjoy the movie because it ruins all the thrill and enjoyment.

So, first of all, reboot your tv and test whether the sound starts coming or not. Next, check the audio settings on your sharp tv because someone may have changed the wrong audio settings on your device.

If you have attached a video device like a DVD or Roku box with your tv, then ensure you have connected the audio cables to the correct port.

If the audio cable is misconnected or in the wrong port, then the sound will not come from the sharp tv.

Black Screen

Sometimes, you experience trouble when the power light is turned on, but the sharp tv screen shows a black screen. Dont worry. It happens with many users due to slight issues.

The first troubleshooting tip to fix the sharp tv black screen is performing a soft reset to your tv. A soft reset can fix many problems, including a sharp black screen.

The outdated software version can cause your tv screen a black. Modern smart tvs have different software, and it’s compulsory to keep your sharp tv updated by downloading the latest software through an internet connection. Prime video not working on roku

Different colors of HDMI cables are used for sound and pictures, so it’s necessary to plug in the right cable in the right working port. If you plug in the video cable in the wrong port, then you will only get a black screen.

So make sure you have plugged in all the HDMI cables correctly. If the video cable is twisted or damaged, replace the faulty cable to turn on the tv screen.

Another thing responsible for the black screen is the wrong video input channel. So recheck the input channel and ensure you have selected the right channel.


Sharp tv is an electrical device, and it overheats when you keep it turn on for a long time. When the Sharp tv is overheated, then it produces a lot of heat which causes different issues.

When you fix your tv, fix it in an open place for air passage. If you place it in a small place, then heat will not escape from the back side of the tv and will eventually overheat the device.

If you keep turning on your for a long time, then overheating can damage the power board, internal board, and capacitor.

So, if your tv is overheated, then turn it off for one hour to cool down the internal components.

Faulty circuit boardfaulty circuit board

The Circuit board is the most important part of the because it ensures the electric current accesses every part.

If the circuit board becomes faulty due to overheating, power surge, or damaged capacitor, you cannot repair or replace it because it’s a very complex system.

If your smart tv’s warranty date is not over, then claim a warranty from the company for a replacement.

However, if your sharp tv is old, then hire a tv professional to fix the faulty circuit board.


The last thoughts on this troubleshooting guide are Sharps tvs are reliable, but you can say about any electrical device.

In this article, I tried to cover different troubleshooting methods to fix various issues like sharp tv that won’t turn on, sound problems, sharp tv showing a black screen, overheating, and a faulty circuit board. Check out about Polk signa s2 troubleshooting.