Lutron dimmer switch not working

Lutron dimmer switch not working. Lutron dimmer is an electronic low voltage dimmer. These are specially designed dimmers. They are made for the electrical requirements of the transformer.

Electronic transformers require capacitive and special dimming considerations. The dimmer can control the brightness of the light it is connected to. The light connected to the dimmer can be of any type. It can even be an LED.

If you do not have a dimmer, you won’t be able to set the brightness of your room or house according to your desire.

Both internal and external problems can arise within the dimmer itself. The device you are using it with might not be compatible with it. The dimmer might be broken or have taken some kind of damage.

Lutron dimmer switch not working

lutron dimmer switch not working

First of all, do not panic and then check the physical or the reachable switch. If the switch is not working, there might be a problem with the wiring of the switch. If the switch is on and the lights are still not on.

The switch might be internally or externally broken. There may be a shootout, so the switch might not work. The wires are loose, so the switch is not working properly.

Try using the app to turn the light ON. If it does not work, either you will have a problem.

Reason switch is not working

I can state the various reasons for this. Let us discuss the following thoroughly:

Compatibility issue

All lights are not actually compatible with the dimmer at all. They might not even support the dimmer, meaning even if we connect, the dimmer to them.

There will be no result. You should not expect anything from it. To ensure that the dimmer is working, you need a light that is suitable for this job as well as compatible with it.

The Lutron is suitable and can control a lot of bulbs that are available in the market. The only thing you need to do is make sure that the light you are using is compatible with the switch.

Wire checking

wire checking

The broken wires and circuits are a common reason in a lot of devices for the lack of proper working of an electronic device.

This is also common in the Lutron switches. Any time, the problem can occur. The wiring of the switch might be broken or has gotten loose with time.

The problem is easy to solve. You just need to change the wires or tighten them back up. Rewiring can take some time, but it is really effective in the use of electronic instruments.

Though using and setting live wires is not a child’s play. You need proper knowledge if you want to rewire the whole switch. The calling of a professional, in this case, is the wisest choice.


Switch reset

You can do more than you think of the switch. There is also the option of resetting with your dimmer switch. Though it is not as easy as pressing a button on the switch, the steps to it are quite simple, and this can be done in a jiffy.

  • So starting, click the 1st button three times
  • Then long-press it for the time of 10 sec.
  • Keep pressing until the light starts blinking on the switch.
  • After the light has started blinking, repeat the process of clicking thrice.
  • After you have done clicking, you wait for a few seconds, and the switch will reset.
  • Then you can connect to your phone or check the switch manually if it is working or not.


Calling a technician that has proper knowledge is the best way to deal with such problems as these problems can be quite dangerous for a normal civilian.

Though you may have some knowledge about electronics, it sometimes is not enough. Even plugging the wrong wire can cause havoc. The wrong wiring can start a big fire.

The technicians can prevent it. Not only will they swiftly diagnose the problem. They will also come up with a proper solution.


What is the reason that the dimmer switch is not working?

The switches might be broken, or their circuits might be fried.  This can cause the switches to not function properly or at all. The wiring can also be a problem.

Is Lutron dimmer worth it?

Yes, The Lutron dimmer is worth it. It is quite useful in places you want the brightness to be of your own accord. It is used in places like offices as well for or during presentations.


Lutron dimmer switch is not working. The Lutron dimmer is useful, but problems might come with it. So If you do not need the dimmer for any specific purpose, you should not install it.

The problems can give you tension. So you don’t need to do anything like that. The problems can stay where they are and certainly not at your house.

But if you do decide to get the dimmer, take proper care of it.

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