Lincoln impinger pizza oven troubleshooting

Lincoln impinger pizza oven troubleshooting. Lincoln impinger pizza is a wonderful electrical appliance used to make pizza for friends and family. But it is very shocking when you are ready to cook pizza for the birthday ceremony at home in the oven, and something is wrong with it.

First of all, check the power supply; maybe it is poor due to the tripping of the circuit breaker. You can reset the position of the circuit breaker to fix the issue.

If the oven is not starting, then check the power supply if it is an electric oven. If it is a gas oven, then check the supply of gas. Once it happened in our home that one of the children switched off the gas valve. After the tension of one hour, I saw the gas valve which was shut off.

It is also possible that the thermostat of the oven is damaged due to which oven is not working. Keep reading this page to find other reasons for the malfunctioning of the oven.

Lincoln impinger pizza oven troubleshooting

lincoln impinger pizza oven troubleshooting

It is very painful to see the lincoln impinger pizza oven is not working. Here are all possible points for troubleshooting an oven.

The power cord is faulty

The first thing to check when an electric oven is not starting is its power cord. If the power cord is damaged or cracked, then it will not supply full power to the oven to start.

Sometimes it is twisted and tangles also. So if the power cable is faulty, then replacing it with a new cable will solve the trouble.

Lack of gas supply

If you have a gas oven and you are living in such an area where it is a shortage of gas, then the oven will not work properly due to the less gas supply.

Sometimes, you don’t know if the gas valve is shut off. So if the valve is shut off, then turn its position so that gas moves into the oven to burn.

The fan motor is defective

If the fan motor of the oven has stopped working, then heat will not spread in the oven.

It is recommended to you check the oven with a professional to replace the defective fan motor in the unit.

Capacitor is damaged

capacitor is damaged

The capacitor is like the brain of every electrical appliance because the fan will not start if its capacitor is damaged.

The same is the case here. A high professional is needed to replace the new capacitor in the fan of the oven.

The thermostat is worn out

The thermostat is the main part of the oven because it manages the heat temperature inside the oven. If it is worn out due to usage, then the pizza oven will not generate heat.

Again it is suggested to you hire a certified professional to replace the faulty thermostat with the new one in the oven.

The igniter is out of order

If the ignition control of the electric oven is out of order, then the unit will not heat to cook the pizza. You can call an authorized technician to replace or repair the igniter of the appliance.

Flame is low

If the flame in the oven is low, then check the setting of the temperature knob. Mostly flame gets low due to the not correct setting of the temperature knob. So ensure that knob is at the correct adjustment.

Damaged thermocouple probe

lincoln impinger pizza oven troubleshooting 2022

Another reason for less flame or blaze in the oven is that the thermocouple probe of the unit is broken. It demands replacement which can be done by hiring some professional.

Time not show

If the remaining time on the display is not showing, then it is due to the less voltage from the power source. So you will need an expert to inspect and repair the issue.

Wrong display of temperature

You can not cook the pizza if the unit is displaying the wrong temperature. Switch off the fan for 1 minute and restart it. This trick must fix the issue.

If there is still an inaccurate temperature, then it is a problem with the thermistor, which can be repaired by a technician.


The conclusion of the article is that the lincoln impinger pizza oven is a complicated electrical appliance that demands proper maintenance and care when you are making pizza in it.

All the possible problems which can occur in an oven are mentioned in this article which will surely help you troubleshoot it.

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