Replaced oven element still not working

Replaced oven element still not working. An oven is one of the most popular applications used in our kitchen, either in cooking, grilling, or baking.

As we know, an oven provides you with the facility to cook food properly. The oven is best for baking as well as cooking and a become a useful appliance in the kitchen.

But people also face many complexities with the ovens, just like other appliances. If your oven not working, people usually replace its elements because, in most cases, this is the cause of your oven not working.

But after replacing its element, if it is not still working, then there should be several other reasons behind it. Some of them we discuss in this article with a suggestion also. So without going into any else discussion, we will go to discuss its main problem.

Replaced oven element still not working

replaced oven element still not working

Temperature sensor

A temperature sensor is specially designed in the oven to maintain or monitor the interior temperature in the oven when the oven starts working or switches on.

So it is an essential element in the oven. Accordingly, if the temperature sensor becomes failed in their work, then ultimately, your oven is not working.

However, some oven does not contain a temperature sensor. They have another element named a temperature sensing bulb.

It’s because when temperature sensor bulbs run into burnout, the oven runs out of their working.

To this extent, if the solution is agitated, you should need to replace the temperature sensor, and in the case of the bulb, it needs to be tougher. Anyhow if the bulb is burnt, then you have to replace it with a new one.

Over igniter

If you change the element of the oven, but it’s not still working, then you have to think about the igniter of your oven. Always remember in your mind that you should be attentive and the oven must be switched off.

After switching off the oven, you check the back of your oven to locate the igniter of your oven. Once you find the igniter pull it out and check its continuity with Multimeter.

It will give you an exact value after checking its continuity if it is labeled as less than 1100 ohm, the igniter got worked out you have to change it as far as possible.

Selector switch

If you replace the different elements of the oven, the issue is still there that your oven is still not working. The selector switch is another element that allows you to change the oven setting.

So if it gets damaged, it does not allow you to change the oven setting. Then to avoid this practice, it is suggested to replace it with a new one.

For this purpose, you just simply need to lift off the knob unscrew the selector and replace it with a new one.



If you replace the element, but still it’s not working, then you should go to check your relay. Relay is the main component in your oven for heating.

If they get damaged or out of work then your oven is not working. But it’s slightly demanding to change the relay.

Many peoples try to replace it with mine, but they do not. so if it seems that your relay gets damaged, then it will be suggested you call a professional to fix it.


When your oven is not operating by all the above solutions, then the incorrect calibration might be the reason behind it. Different ovens have different calibration dials and setting so first of all you need to check the manual of your oven.

After checking the product manual, you should locate the calibrate and then try to adjust its temperature by using a screwdriver and calibrating it. According to your screw direction, you adjust the temperature and vice versa.

Such as if you screw in an anticlockwise direction it will increase your temperature and vice versa. For more support, it is suggested to call its supporter services.

Electronic control board

Today some advanced models of ovens use electronic control boards. If you use this type of advanced model of the oven, it is expected to be there is an electronic board with it.

The electronic board plays a brain-like role in it because it controls cooking and baking functions. So it is important to check the flow of electricity in the electronic control board.

When current is not flowing inboard then they failed in their working which ultimately leads to failing oven working. So to fix this issue, check them with a professional. Replaced oven element still not working.

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