Electric oven not working but stove top is

Electric oven not working but stove top is. Cooking food is a basic thing in our lives. With the change in times now different appliances and stoves are in the kitchen to cook the food more deliciously.

Sometimes you face a problem in the kitchen that your electric oven is not working but stove top is still in work mode. It is very disappointing, maybe it is to the changing the position of the switch and knob and you forget to turn it on again.

In electric ovens, there are heating elements that are present on the stove-tops and also inside the stove which turn red when the stove is burned and does not turn red when the oven is not working. You can easily differentiate between them and locate which oven is creating a problem.

Electric oven not working but stove top isoven not working but stove top is

If the electric oven not working then there are many reasons behind this like sometimes the door of the oven remains open or its thermostat is damaged. If you are not understanding the problem then it is better to hire an expert. Following are some of the reasons why the oven is not working.

Change in position of switches or knobs of oven

Sometimes it happened that anyone in the home changes the position of switches or knobs of an electric oven and you don’t know this.

Due to this oven will not start. That’s why first of all see that all the switches and knobs are at their original position or their place is changed. Confirm that all the knobs are set in the proper position.

The main control board of the oven is damagedthe main control board of the oven is damaged

If nothing is on in the oven then definitely is it chance of this that the main control board of the oven is out of order and is damaged so there is no other option than this to change the main control board of the oven to start it again.

Breakdown of the heating element

In electric ovens, heating elements are the most offenders. They go wrong mostly due to which electric oven stops working.

After turning on the burners if you see that it is burning red then it is in the correct position if it is not glowing then the heating element is broken down and you will have to replace it now.

The temperature sensor of the oven is out

In most electric ovens, a temperature sensor is installed which observes the temperature continuously. If somehow this sensor burnt out then or went looser then the oven will not start.

Now examine that either the temperature sensor is just loose then tight it again and if it is burned out then you will have to install a new temperature sensor to start the oven.

The door of the oven is not shut

It is simple problem that if the door of the oven is not properly shut or closed then it will not start. So when you are cooking some food in the oven then don’t do it fastly. Close the door perfectly and then start turning on the oven.

The thermostat of the oven burnt out

If you have seen all the above problems then have a look at the thermostat of your oven. Inspect it also that either it is out of order or it is burned out.

Because when it is damaged then it will not change the settings you are making to the oven. For replacing it open the back of the oven and carefully replace the thermostat of the oven.


What are the main reasons behind the oven stopping working?

Sometimes you don’t know that the knobs and positions of the oven are changed then it will not starts. Buring out of main control board and thermostat are also the reasons of the oven not working.

Which ovens are preferred electric ovens or gas ovens nowadays?

Electric ovens are preferred more because the availability of natural gas in every place is difficult.


Sometimes it happened that the electric oven not working, but the stovetop is then the reason behind that is sometimes the door is not properly shut or sometimes it happened that the heating element of the oven is burnt out. You can hire an expert if you could not fix the problem.

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