Electric oven shuts off while baking

Electric oven shuts off while baking. An electric oven is an electric instrument used to bake food at high temperatures and heat in an empty chamber.

The touchpad control system of most ovens has the function of automatically switch-off. The advantage of this function is that if you left it on by chance, then it will switch off automatically, and energy will not waste because of this.

It is a costly instrument if you want to buy it for baking delicious dishes, so it demands proper maintenance and optimum condition while you are baking something in it.

Although some usually problems happen to it and they can be solved if you have proper knowledge of it.

It shuts off while baking side by side due to various reasons like damaging the thermostat or maybe there is a fault in the cooling fan. You will have to repair them if they are causing this problem.

Electric oven shuts off while bakingelectric oven shuts off

Usually, baking and cooking are not done daily in electric ovens. It is frustrating that you are cooking something in it and it is switching off after some time. It is not an everlasting issue; it can be solved.

If it is shutting off, then it needs your awareness. Ovens are shut off due to many reasons, but all of them demand your immediate reaction.

In this article, you will learn about various methods that will help you to solve the problem of automatically shutting off ovens.

Obstructing in ventilation

Nowadays, ovens are planned with the security of people and food. A compelling cooling fan is installed in them for a proper ventilation system.

It extracts the hot air outside the unit and pulls out the cold air from outside to keep the temperature in control.

If you use your oven more, then it demands proper cleaning after some time because of the regular flow of air from both sides. Most of the air move from the vent to it.

This vent will begin to gather dust and dirt that is stuck in there.

When you cook food in it, then, due to clogging in the ventilation, air will not pass through easily, and the temperature will increase inside the unit, and the oven will shut off by itself.

It is not a technical problem. If there is dust in the vent, remove it with the help of a cloth or a vacuum cleaner carefully, and then restart the oven.

Failure of thermostat

If the thermostat of an oven fails to do its job, then it starts shutting off. The main work of a thermostat is to sustain the inner temperature of the unit and keep informing you about the temperature. It confirms that there is no more heat inside the oven.

If the thermostat fails and does not do its job then it will keep heating up and the temperature will increase inside. When there is too much heat, the oven will automatically shut off.

If the stove is switching off without any reason check its thermostat first if it is out of order then repair it or replace it because you can not cook your food without the proper working of the thermostat of the oven.

Fault in cooling fanfault in cooling fan

If the cooling fan of the unit will not start then heat will not exchange from vents and as a result inside temperature and heat will keep increasing.

Due to a lot of heat, the automatic function of the oven will switch off the oven to save you from an accident.

Normally fan does not work properly due to dust on it; clean the dust and debris carefully over it.

If it still not working then you will have to replace the colon fan to confirm smooth and fresh air flow whenever you use it.

An issue in a heating element

Baker and boiler are the main heating elements of an electric oven.

If any of these parts end up working then the unit will start shutting off which is a sign of something wrong with the stove. It is due to the leakage or extirpation of wiring.

You can not fix this problem you will have to hire an expert to see things in detail and fix them. Your expert will replace the heating element or repair the wiring.

Electrical issue

Sometimes the oven keeps switching off due to an error code and it might show it. In this case, it is easy for you to find the main fault.


The first step is to check it by your self that why it is creating a problem. If you can not solve the issue and find out the reason then it is better to hire an expert to fix the problem.

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