Liftmaster flashing light codes

Liftmaster flashing light codes. The garage door openers are used to protect your expensive motorbikes and cars. The garage door can be easily opened with remote control or keypad lock.

Liftmaster garage doors are organized with the latest technology. If an issue occurs, they quickly diagnose the problem and start flashing codes on the screen to inform you which part is malfunctioning.

The  LED light is installed next to the learn button, and it will flash a number of times to inform you of the actual problem.

If you have installed a garage door for security purposes, then its regular maintenance is also essential. Keep cleaning the sensor and other parts to keep things going well.

However, if you check the flashing light blinking on the display screen and it does not open when pressing the remote control button or lock keypad, don’t be frustrated and read this troubleshooting guide.

Liftmaster flashing light codes

Garage door openers are very popular to fix at home due to their multiple features and self-diagnostic capabilities.

The diagnostic LED light is fixed close to the learn button, which blinks a few times before pausing and repeating to inform you that there is an issue with the garage door, due to which it is not opening and detecting the keys.

Usually, the manufacturer provides a complete user guide about flashing codes, so here is a detail of each flashing code and how you can troubleshoot each flash code.

Light flashing continuously

light flashing continuously

The Liftmaster light starts flashing continuously if someone accidentally presses the lock button to lock the garage door.

The locking feature is installed in the garage doors for security purposes.

You can not open the garage door with remote controls; therefore, the locking feature stops the garage door remotes from operating your door; You can only open or close the door with a wall control button or manual keypad.

So, don’t try to open the garage gates with remotes; if you accidentally press the button to open your door using a remote, the lock system is involved, and the garage door light will start flashing continuously.

Dont get panic and just hold down the lock button on the wall keypad for two to three seconds to open the lock on the garage door opener.

The flashing light will immediately stop flashing after disengaging the door lock.

Two light flashes code

If the flashing light flashes twice, it means the safety sensors cord is short, and the white or black cables are reversed. Follow these points to troubleshoot two light flashes code.

  • In some homes, garage door openers are pre-wired; disconnect the wires from the wall close to the sensors. If you find any loose connections, then tighten them.
  • If you check any damaged or broken wire, then replace it with new quality wire.
  • The two light flashing codes will fix after tightening the loose and damaged wires.

Three light flashes code

three light flashes code

If the flashing light blinks 3 times on the display screen, then it means there is an issue with a garage door control.

If the 3 light flashes code appears, then, first of all, separate the door control from the wall. If you don’t know how to detach the door control, then locate the screw under the buttons on the bottom of the device.

You can also learn how to separate the door control from the wall by reading the manufacturer’s manual.

  • First of all, separate the wires from the door control.
  • Attach the wires with each other.
  • Now check if the garage door opener is switched on; then it means the door control is faulty, and you need to change it.
  • If the garage door opener does not turn on after connecting the wires, separate the door control wires from the unit.
  • Use jumper wires on both red and white terminals to short them.
  • If the garage door opener turns on this time, then change the door control wires to fix the problem.

Four light flashes

Four light flashes code Sending means receiving indicator light is dim or flashing. To fix this error code, follow these steps.

  • First of all, readjust the receiving eye sensor.
  • The garage door is fixed outside the home, so it’s important to keep cleaning the eye sensor lens so clean lens and tighten the brackets.
  • Then confirm the garage door path is tightly attached to the wall.

Five Flashes

Five flashes on the garage door opener mean the opener is not marking any rotations during the start of operation due to a mechanical interruption.

  • It is very important to keep the garage door opener balance.
  • Now, detach the garage door from the opener.
  • Lift the garage door 2 feet with your hands off the floor
  • If the garage door spring is damaged and then it becomes hard to open and close by hand.
  • Hire a door professional to repair the door.


The final words in this article are if you are having problems with your garage door openers. Always contact door professionals to resolve any garage door opener problem, like flashing codes, quickly.

I am hopeful that this article has helped you a lot to fix Liftmaster flashing light codes.

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