Liftmaster garage door opener blinking light

Liftmaster garage door opener blinking light. A garage door opener is a self-driving tool that works for both opening and closing a garage door. It is controlled by an electric switch on the garage wall.

Most of the garage door openers also include a proprietary radio remote control, which can be used to open and close the door from a few steps or a few meters for your ease.

As we can see, you are having trouble with the LiftMaster garage opener blinking, we brought you a detailed guide for easy understanding.

Liftmaster garage door opener blinking light
liftmaster garage door opener blinking light how to fix

Solving the problem of unlocking the Lift Master with a bright light includes a security detection system test.

LiftMaster motors will no longer work when something prevents an optical blockade among the sensors at the lowest of the garage door trail.

The primary light will be blinking a maximum of 10 times, indicating trouble. The LED on the car will also flash and serve as a diagnostic tool to solve the problem.


The following steps can be taken to repair.

Accessing the programming buttonaccessing the programming button

Place the step ladder below the LiftMaster motor so that it will be easy for you to access the programming button named “Learn.”

A few of the LiftMaster motors have this “Learn” button concealed behind the lens cover.

Press the lens cover tabs with the help of your fingers, and then let the cover hang with its lower tabs.

Counting the number of times LED light flashes

After that, you must count the number of times the LED light which is next to the “Learn” button flashes before it stops and begins to blink again.

LED light flashes once

You are required to move to the protection sensors and then observe every wire where they staple to the wall and ceiling. If the LED flashes once and then it stops.

This indicates that there can be an open wire because of a staple.

Test staple that protects the cord to the wall or ceiling. Take away the staples that appear to undergo the wire rather than going around it with the help of pliers.

LED light flashes twice

Check the wiring that relates to the motor if the LED flashes two times before it stops. This may indicate that the black and white wires were reversed in the speedy connection or that there is a shortage in the low-voltage cord.

The white wires of each sensor must be together in a single brief-connect terminal, and the black wires need to meet in another quick-connect terminal.

If the wires are properly connected, there is a short in the wire, which requires a must replacement of the low-voltage wire.

LED light flashes thrice

Comply with the call of the door push button wire and search for the default caller in case the LED blinks three times. This is an indication of poor door management short door control wire.

If the wires look proper, put off the screw that protects the door control from the wall with the assistance of a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Remove the two terminal screws from the back, and then pull the two wires to the terminals.

Contact the wires collectively. If the door is operating, alternate the door control.

If the door does not work, there is a need to update the door control wires.

LED light flashes four times

Clean the protective sensor lenses and reset them; if the LED lights up four times before it stops, that is an indication of an incompatible sensor.

Release the wing nut that protects the sensors and realign until the lights come on the sensors. Tighten the wing nuts quickly as the sensors are aligned. 

LED light flashes five or six times

Contact a departmental service specialist if the LED flashes five or six times. This usually involves changing a sensor or the logic board of the unit.


Now that you’ve gone through all the details of how to solve the problem of LiftMaster garage opener blinking lighting, we hope your problem will be solved for sure.

The only thing you need to do is to just follow all the steps carefully for an effective outcome.

It’s not a big deal until the LED flashes 4 times, but if it flashes 5 to 6 times, then you can’t solve the problem on your own, then there is a must need to communicate with an expert. Here is how to reset genie garage door opener

Liftmaster garage door opener blinking light

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