Liftmaster garage door troubleshooting

Liftmaster garage door troubleshooting. It is very frustrating to see the Liftmaster garage door opener not working because sometimes you are in a hurry and getting late from the office or college and the garage doors do not open or close.

There are a lot of causes beyond the garage door sometimes, there is not a significant issue, and you can fix it yourself.

Sometimes, you don’t know the Liftmaster garage door opener’s remote battery is finished, due to which the remote control does not open or close the garage door openers.

Liftmaster garage door troubleshooting

The garage door is good to have in-home for your car safety, and it is easy to operate using a remote control.

Still, sometimes it creates problems like the garage door not opening due to obstructions into door tracks and power supply issues.

If you are looking for troubleshooting tips for a garage Liftmaster garage door opener troubleshooting.

In that case, you are at the right place because I have a Liftmaster garage door at home, and I know the various issues that happen with it and how you can quickly troubleshoot them.

Here are some common problems that occur with the Liftmaster garage door opener.

  • The remote control battery is finished
  • Damaged garage door remotes control
  • Physical barrier
  • Internet connection issue
  • Power supply issues
  • Dirty safety sensor
  • Obvious obstructions into door tracks
  • The garage door opener led to lights flashing
  • Error codes

If there is a small problem, then repair it yourself, but if there is a complex issue, I suggest you hire professional commercial door operators.

Remote control battery is finished

remote control battery is finished

It is very irritating to see the garage door not opening in the morning when you are already ready late for the office.

First, check the Liftmaster garage door opener remote because there are chances that its battery is finished or about to be finished.

Slightly pat the remote on your hand and check that the garage door is opened or still it is locked.

If it does not work, open the remote back cover and check the batteries are properly installed.

Tightly fix the batteries; if the remote falls on the floor, its batteries are misplaced, so fix them tightly and press the lock button to open the door.

If the garage door is still not opening, replace the batteries because battery power is finished, and you have no other option.

It is suggested that you always keep the remote battery backup to change the batteries immediately.

Damaged remote control

If you have recently changed the battery power, inspect the physical condition of the remote because if it is not working fine, its button is damaged, or the inner circuit is faulty for any reason.

If your remote is too old, buying a new device is better than repairing or fixing it.

Physical barrier

Another main reason behind the garage door not opening is a physical barrier between the remote and the sensor’s path.

So, when you try to open or shut the garage door, ensure to align the remote contact directly with the door opener properly because the garage door reverses back due to a physical barrier.

There must be no physical barrier like a tree, car, chair, or table in between when you want to open the garage door with a remote.

Out of range

out of range

It’s common, but I am explaining to those who don’t know that there is a proper range travel limit in which the sensor takes the signal from the garage door.

If you stand far from the Liftmaster garage door opener, it will not open from there. So, always try to open or shut the door locks by standing close to the door.

Internet connection issue

internet connection issue

If you have fixed the wi-fi garage door opener with home internet, you will listen to the beep sound from the door and the led light flashing beyond the black switch when you are trying to connect.

It happens when the garage internet is not connecting with the home internet connections, so restart the router and try to fix the router at that place in the house where all the devices can easily access the internet.

Power supply issues

power supply issues

If the garage door is not closing or opening, maybe it is due to the power issue. Check the circuit breaker in the primary circuit box if you see no electricity in the outlet.

If the circuit breaker is tripped, change its position and press the door lock button to see if it works.

Sometimes, there is low voltage in the outlet from the transformer, so don’t worry and wait for an increase in voltage.

If an electric wire is twisted or tangled, hire an experienced electrician to repair or replace the damaged electric wire.

Dirty safety sensor

dirty safety sensor

The first sign of a dirty safety sensor in a garage door opener is that the outer light starts flashing when you try to open or close the door locks.

The primary job of the safety sensor is to protect the door from pets and objects; when this safety sensor becomes dirty or blocked or out of the arrangement, it stops opening the door.

The led light flashes eight to ten times. So, if you want to fix the sensor, remove the physical object blocking the track.

If the safety sensors are disordered, then rearrange them. Check if there is dust on the safety sensor and clean it carefully with soft fabric.

Obvious obstructions into door tracks

If you see the garage door opener not working properly and you are unable to close the garage door, check the door because sometimes your favorite pet or chair comes in the doorway, so pull the pet back to shut the door.

Clean the dust and debris from the safety sensors and door track because if there is blatant obstruction into the door path, the door will not close.

Led lights flashing

led lights flashing

It is necessary to adjust the safety sensors’ angles because if they are not aligned, they will not be able to send or get signals.

Next, safety sensors start flashing when they detect any movement or physical object under the power door lock to inform you that please remove these things.

This safety feature is installed for security because sometimes a little child comes in the doorway. The garage door opener light starts flashing if you don’t know this.

Garage door track is jammed

garage door track is jammed

If you are facing issues with garage door opening, then it may be garage door track is jammed or the garage door spring is broken

It happens too often when you are out of the home for one month and did not open the Liftmaster garage door for a long time; its door track becomes jammed, so its only solution is to shut the door, either the door control or remote and lubricate the door tracks wheels and other parts with oil and try to close the door manually.

If the garage door spring is broken, then it can not lift the garage door heavyweight, so hire a professional and replace the broken garage door spring.

Liftmaster garage door opener Error codes

If you are having trouble opening the garage door, check the error codes on the door opener or owner’s manual to find out the actual problem with the garage door.


The bottom line of the article is if you are looking for garage door troubleshooting tips, then this article is best for you because I have explained all my research and personal experience to help you out.

Ensure to align the remote control with the door opener adequately. Always keep the replacement batteries and check there is nothing when the door closes or opens.

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