Life360 circle colors meaning

Life360 circle colors meaning. The purple in the Life360 circle shows the latest drive or trip of the user or a family member and the location from where the Life360 circle was used.

The orange color means unsafe driving during the use of Life360. The gray light means location sharing. All lights in 360 have meaning.

Being a life360 user, I certainly know the perks of Life360. From safety to location and history management, the Life360 app is pretty great.

There are colors in the Life360 app, and people think these colors are just for the theme, but the colors in the Life360 app don’t just mean that a new design has appeared.

The colors like purple identify the use of the app by a family member and his location. The gray light shows sharing of location, and orange has its own meaning.

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Life360 circle colors meaning

Having Life360 means getting free from worry. You can check if the family member is in danger or the location so that the family remains well.

Life360 has many users and codes in the form of colors to help them easily know the function being performed. This helps users know what’s going on with the app and the users.

Like there is purple color displaying the family member’s location and a gray color sharing your location.

The orange color brings you caution as it shows a recent crime that has occurred in the area. Location passing is also displayed through color too.

Life360 circle/working

life360 circleworking

Before we know what the colors in the app mean, it’s better to understand what Lie360 does and how it does it. Family is the primary focus of the security app.

You can stay connected safely through the Life360 app with your family. The circle is the family and its member.

You can join the circle and know about the other members of the family depending on what you are looking for.

YOu may want to know your child’s location or the speed at which he is driving. Calls can be tracked with location and the area that may be unsafe for them.

You can get the loved one’s location and where he stopped, and his history of the day with Life360 and the circle option.

After logging in to Life360, you can send the link to your loved one, and as he/she downloads and join your circle, you’ll be able to monitor him/her.

Color meaning

Colors in the circles of the Life360 app are not meaningless. The colors in the circle or the app directly hold things like the information of people in the circle.

Their history of traveling and the speed of traveling too. The places and the zones that are dangerous for them are also mentioned through colors.

The colors can act as warnings and information as through color; you can spy and even know about calls and messages the person in the family receives. The meaning of the colors with the title is below.

Orange color

orange color

Starting with safety, the first color light on the circle is orange. Orange is mentioned here first as other articles don’t show orange’s full detail.

Orange is the color of danger in the circle. The orange color is for the safety of the person you care about.

If that person is near the orang circle, then that means the person is in an area where a recent crime has happened. It’s an alert.

This color shows the vicinity of the crimes that have happened in the area. YOu will see e the orange area marked because of a reported crime.

After knowing the danger zone, you and alert the family member going into the area to be more careful.

After knowing the orange color, you can even help the loved one avoid the area. Life360 gives great importance to adding orange color to areas with reported crimes.

Purple color

purple color

The next color is purple color. This color acts as an indicator. The indication given by the purple color is about the linking of the device.

The purple color will show when a device gets linked to the Life360 app. It is more like showing a Bluetooth-connected gadget.

The purple color gives a detailed view of the members. You can select a date in this color and check the traveling history of the member on that day.

You can visit the person’s profile. The recent location history of the person through his profile can also be checked.

There is a slider located at the bottom of the screen. Through the slider, you can see the latest trips of the person and other details about the drives as well.

You can just tap the purple circle and get to the person’s detail. The arrows in the app will help in navigating the person’s history.

You can enter the particular date, and through the date, all traveling history of the person of that would be revealed.

YOu can see if the person was lying about the location or had entered the orange zone on that day or not.

Green color

green color

The most radiant and more visible circle in the app is green color. The green color is for location detection. The green dot appears in the middle of the circle showing the position of the person.

The green circle means that the location or drive detection feature of the person has been activated by him.

The green dot is great to know if the person has enabled the mode of drive detection or has turned it off.

The further feature of green includes knowing the recent location of the person as well as recent activities performed when the function was active.

The dangerous driving of the person can also be detected with the help of green color. Overspeeding is detected by this color too.

Usage of the phone and knowing of calls and messages can also be checked through this color. In the lower-right corner, there are settings options. Click it.

Gray circle

gray circle

The Gray circle is the circle you may not have heard much about. The Gray circle shows location information too.

But, unlike green or purple color, gray color is the color show turned off location or paused location. Sometimes you don’t want to show your location to people in the circle.

This circle helps you to stop sharing the location of your phone. Select location sharing of the app and tao it until it turns gray or white.

Location sharing passed with gray color appears showing the location has been passed, and your location won’t be shared anymore.


Versatile colors in the Life360 identify information and give warnings too. Like orange is for warning, and gray is for location pausing.

Purple and green show more details and history about the person’s travel. Use the knowledge about color and circles from the article to act fast for security. Thanks for reading!

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