Most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. Traveling is a seed to the soul as it gives you a lot of experiences, adventures, and knowledge about the culture around the world.

We always try to travel to the areas of the world that are safer and more adventurous. But no one wants to travel to dangerous areas.

We should always avoid dangerous areas, and before making a list planning your trip, you have to make sure that the area you are trying to visit is safe or not.

Well, by any chance, if you are planning to visit Chicago. Then you must have complete knowledge of which areas of Chicago are safer and which areas are dangerous.

If we talk about Chicago, it makes its name in tourist attractions. But we can say that the crime rate in Chicago is higher than in other cities, which is extremely dangerous.

There are a lot of neighborhoods in Chicago that are dangerous to visit. So we recommend you avoid those areas to prevent you from becoming a violent crime victim.

But if you don’t know that its neighborhood area, the Chicago is dangerous. and which never was as it was it then you don’t have to take tension because we have researched on your behalf and made a good guide that you can follow and decide neighborhood you should visit and avoid.

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago

As you are the one who has to decide whether you want to visit that area or not. So we will count the accuracy of the violent crime rate by taking and sample rate of 1000 people.

We have gathered government statistics for a roundabout comparison of the data. So you can choose between different neighborhoods according to the accuracy of the violent crime rate.

1. Burnside



Burnside is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

Because it has more violent assault and robbery cases than the whole of Chicago dangerous, you will be amazed to know that it is a minor neighborhood in Chicago.

However, still, it has an 8% highest crime violent crime rate which we can’t even compare to the whole population of Chicago.

But if we talk about mostly attempted violent crime, property crimes have the highest rate.

Statistics counted that the poverty rate of the burnside is higher as almost 46% of its people earn an average income under $25000.

If you talk about the employment rate, it is more than 20% .and if we compare it with the national average, it is five times higher.

This is a minor neighborhood, but its poverty, crime, and rates of violent crime are higher than most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

2. Riverdale



The total crime rate of Riverdale is 7008 crimes per 100,000 people. It has a lower violent crime rate than many other areas.

The reason could be that it has the poorest area in Chicago. According to the perspective of one hundred thousand people, it has a 90% higher crime rate than many other neighborhoods.

Ever talked about is poverty or unemployment. This area is poor, so the unemployment rate is much lower than in many other areas of Chicago.

Its unemployment rate is around 30% when income is below $25000.

And you will be amazed by its meager homicide rate. The homicide rate is nearly 500 per 100 thousand people, which is pretty doubtful.

3. North Lawndale

north lawndale


North Lawndale is also the most dangerous area, which is located near the north side.

But if we talk about the perspective of the total crime rate of north Lawndale, then it nearly equals 1200 crimes per 100 thousand people.

As you have learned, the areas with higher violent crime rates are mostly poor. Lawndale is one of those poor neighborhoods.

The people of north Lawndale were enough that almost 50% of the north Lawndale population is earning less than $25000, which is higher than the national, which could be the reason for the increasing rate of violent crimes in North Lawndale.

If we talk about the more dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago, then south shore makes its name on the list.

4. East Garfield Park neighborhood

east garfield park neighborhood


The total crime rate of east Garfield park is nearly 15000 crimes per 100,000 people. And if you talk about its employment rate, it is as low as 15%.

The people of East Garfield Park are earning an income more like other neighborhoods of Chicago. You guessed it right.

The income rate is less than 25000 dollars earned by 50% of the east Garfield park population, which is higher than the national.

If we talk about the violent crime rate, you will get in shock because the reported murders in east Garfield park are nearly equal to 400, which is extremely violent.

And that is the reason that neighborhood falls in the dangerous city neighborhood of Chicago.

If you are curious about its homicide rate, it is 2000 out of 100 thousand people.

5. Pullman Neighborhoodpullman neighborhood


As we have taken 100 thousand people on the point, we can compare it with the violent crime rate and Other ratings that help you better understand.

So the total crime rate is 7808 crimes per 100,000 people.

If we talk about its homicide rate, it is 100 out of 100 thousand people, which is much lower than many other neighborhoods.

But if we talk about its rental rate, it is much cheaper than many other neighborhoods of Chicago, but as it is cheap, it could also be dangerous.

As you all know, cheaper things can be dangerous, and the rate of getting scammed is higher.

The population of Pullman is wealthy because of fewer unemployment rates compared to the other neighborhoods of Chicago.

Poverty and rental rates are lower, .that is why Pullman has violent crime, but those things are not violent.

And if we talk about the income rate of the people living in the whole man, it is 25 thousand dollars per capita.

6. Avalon Park

avalon park


Avalon Park is the safest city, especially if we look at its homicide rate, which is 125.

But its statistics say something else: Avalon Park is covered by burnside, South shore, and many other dangerous neighborhoods with the highest crime rate, making it dangerous as well.

Well, Avalon park makes its name in the most dangerous neighborhood in terms of violent crime.

Because if we look according to the perspective of Chicago’s average crime rate, it is 189 percent more than the rest.

If you talk about its unemployment rate, burnside has more unemployment. People are not employed, but almost 30.2 percent of residents have a lower average income than $2,000.

7. Washington park neighborhood

washington park neighborhood


The crime rate of Washington Park is nearly 15000 crimes per 100 thousand people.

Washington Park is named one of the most dangerous cities in Chicago, and its home inside rate is 1100 out of 100 thousand people.

If we talk about the rental prices for housing rates in Washington park, they are going low every passing because of the increasing violent crime rates.

The most common 1-bed apartment rate is about, which is much cheaper than many other downsides of Chicago.

As the property rate is pretty much lower so it means that you can get scammed by a lot of real estate dealers in Washington park.

You must be extra careful if you ever visit the Washington Park area.

As we have claimed, Washington Park is one of the most dangerous Chicago neighborhoods than the average crime rate.

Suppose you settle down in Washington with tar 90% possibility that you can’t become a victim of those crimes.

And there is no doubt that Washington park is the most impoverished neighborhood in Chicago.

So we recommend you avoid shifting such areas, but it depends on the level of respect you want to take.

8. West Garfield park

west garfield park


The total crime rate of Westfield Park is 25800 crimes per 100,000 people homicide side rate than it is 1500 out of 100 thousand people.

West Garfield Park is a go-to place, especially for the people who always try to buy a rented house, because if we compare it according to its average rent rate with the rent rates of the whole of Chicago.

Then it has cheap rates compared to it. Compare the run traits of west Garfield park to other neighborhoods in Chicago, depending on your choice.

But it makes its name in the most dangerous area around Chicago because of the high chances of getting scammed by property dealers and the highest property crime rates.

This neighborhood has a broad standpoint, and west Garfield park has the most dangerous street in the city, where shooting violent crime has a rate above 20 times in comparison to the other neighborhoods of Chicago.

Suppose we talk about the unemployment rate on the west side of Garfield park.

Then people have an income rate of almost 25000 Dollars out of the west Garfield park population, which is stable at the poverty line and higher than the national.

Its poverty rate is also high, which means that people there usually hit different crimes. So the violent crime rate in West Garfield Park is higher.

9. South shore



As South shore’s population is substantial, it is safe to say that South shows population counts about 60000 inhabitants in south Chicago.

As South shore has a larger area, the crime rate of violent crime is lower than in other areas of south Chicago.

But you will be amazed to see its total crime rate, 16819 out of 100 thousand people. And its homicide rate is 950.

The most common crimes on the South shore are poverty snatching, burglary, and crime related to stealing.

The population of the South shore is a broader poverty rate is around 45% more than in other areas of south Chicago.

People of search are primarily unemployed, and almost half of the south shore population is unemployed Diamond rate 16. 9%.

We are taking South your at the large because this is a less dangerous city compared to the other areas of south Chicago. So you can add south shore to your list at your own risk.

10. Roseland



The violent crime rate of this area doesn’t do justice to its name.

Land lost the Vibe of its name widgets nearly equal to 15000 per 1000 thousand people. If we compare it with Chicago Rose land, it doesn’t look bad in terms of its crime rate.

If you are still planning to visit rules because of its name or any other reason, then you must be wondering about its Property rates. Then housing is pretty much reasonable.

If you want to buy a 1-bed apartment, it will cost you around $900 per month.

It means that the most common property crimes per 100,000 people lie in neighborhoods where property prices are lower. In short,t the lower property rates lead to more property crimes:

If we talk about its poverty rate, half of the rose land’s population is anything income lower than $25000.

And the unemployment is 23% because of poverty and the extreme crime rate.


We will always recommend you stay safe and prevent yourself from getting scammed or becoming a victim of violent crime rates.

There are a lot of areas where violent crimes per 100,000 people are higher. But there are also dangerous crimes like motor vehicle theft.

So you have to be extra careful with your vehicles in the areas like lake Michigan and west Englewood.


Chicago is one of the most dangerous places in Chicago. But that doesn’t mean you must cut yourself out of this city. Chicago has the highest crime rate in comparison to other cities and States.

But as we know, everything comes with its drawbacks as well, .it means Chicago has its good and bad parts. Chicago’s crime rate makes it move.

If you are planning to visit Chicago, you must be aware of the crime rate in its different neighborhoods to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of its crimes.

We know that you will take tension because searching for such a thing is pretty hard and freaky but has got you covered. We have listed the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.

We are glad to say that this is the only article you need to review to examine the most dangerous neighborhood in Chicago.

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