LED faucet light not working

LED faucet light not working. LED lights work as a miracle in enhancing moods and making the environment more interesting, but you have to believe that LED lights can light up your faucets as well.

This will sound a bit funny, but you can lift your mood by washing your face or cleaning your dishes. Well, this is a very interesting invention in the variety of faucets.

People mostly use it to divert the attention of their kids so they can wash their hands and faces peacefully. Also, LED lights make your faucet looks more elegant and give your kitchen or bathroom a standout.

Another reason for the popularity of LED Lights faucets is that they can be seen in the dark, and this looks so aesthetically pleasing.LED faucets are like an addiction; if you start using them, then you will not resist them because simple faucets will look boring to you.

To fix the LED lights on your faucets, you have to identify the problem first that is becoming a reason for not working Led LIGHTS.

If your faucet’s LED Lights stop working and you are worrying that what happened to them, then you are at the right place.

LED faucet light not working

led faucet light not working

There could be many possible reasons for not working LED lights, and the issues could be because of unwanted water pressure or physical damage, but you need to know about the solutions that you want to apply to them.

An issue with the Water Pressure

As Faucet, LED lights work with the flow of water. They will turn on when feeling the pressure of water.

But if something goes wrong with the water pressure, then the LED lights of the faucet will automatically stop working.

So you have to check whether the water pressure is working properly or not.


Check the water pressure, locate the water supply valves beneath the faucet handle, and check if they are properly working or not. If they are not working accordingly, then try to fix them by checking up on the problem.

Physical Damage

Physical Damaged lights or physically damaged faucets, both will stop working. If lights are worn out due to throwing up something or because of water leakage, then LED lights need a repair or replacement because of the damage.


If your lights are damaged, then you can repair them accordingly, but if your lights get fully torn, then you have to replace them.

A problem in Circuit Breaker

A problem with a circuit breaker can also become a reason for not working LED light because a circuit breaker can break the supply of electricity and this can drop the working LED Light of your Faucet.


If there is a problem with a circuit breaker, then check the main circuit valve, and if you find something that is not working for you and you are not compatible enough to do the job, then it is recommended to call a professional for a professional fixture.

Issues in Adaptor

The issue of the adopter is connected to the lights because if something is wrong with the lights, then it will directly affect the adopter.

To check the problem, you will examine the circuit breaker that if something is wrong with it or not. If your faucet is battery operated, then you have to check up on the batteries, and if they are faulty, then you have to replace them.

Problem with aerator

problem with aerator

When something gets stuck with the aerator, then it will stop the connection that was supplying electricity to the LED lights; something like mineral deposits and other substances can get along and make a thick layer that blocks the supply.


if there is a problem with the aerator, then a very effective solution that we are going to drop below can help you solve the problem.

Things you’ll Need

  • A bottle of vinegar
  • A box of baking soda

Mix vinegar and baking soda and make a thick paste. When the paste starts bubbling, then you are going in the right direction, which means that solution is active.

Now apply this solution to the aerator and also pour it down the drain. and let it rest for a few minutes until it shows its magic.

Use a toothbrush to clean the aerator and to make your aerator Rust-free. The LED faucet light not working.

Installing New LED Lights:

  • If your LED lights are damaged, and if you are done examining them that they will not work anymore, then you have to remove the old LED lights and replace them with the new ones.
  • When you go about buying a new LED light, then make sure to get a size that perfectly fits your Faucet.
  • Use an adjustable wrench to remove the old faucet. Now adjust your LED lights by pushing them, and then for the final step, you have to rotate them in a clockwise direction, and you are done.
  • Now turn back on the water supply and check if your faucet is flowing properly, and mainly check if your faucet is showing colorful LED lights.

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