Germguardian uv light not working

Germguardian uv light not working. A germ guardian light is a light that guards against germs. This type of light uses ultraviolet rays to get rid of germs.

Almost 98% of germs are eliminated by this light. Both microorganisms, like bacteria and fungi, are reduced by the use of this light.

It can even fight against mold pores and can protect us from allergies. A single light can work for about 10 or 12 months. This light, because of its effectiveness against germs, is getting very common these days.

The bulb of the germ guardian is its principal component. Sometimes the bulb burns, which causes the device to not work. Power can also be a factor in this.

Germguardian uv light not working

germguardian uv light not working

Commonly, this occurs if the UV bulb has burned out. Here, the bulb should be replaced with a working one.

This could even be caused if there is a short circuit on the board or a failure of power to reach the device.

It can be an internal type of fault. The fault might be with the main power board. There are a lot of possibilities in this case.

The UV light not working is not that big of a problem.


There are multiple reasons that might have caused problems in the germ guardian UV light. Let us discuss them with their solution.

Failure of Cord

The most common problem in electronic devices is power cord failure. IF or when there is a power cord failure, the device cannot operate as no power is being given to the device or light.

This may occur if the cord is loose or it is broken from somewhere.

If you want to solve this, you need to check the power supply first. Make sure that the problem is not with the outlet. If not, then you need to replace the cord.

Fan being damaged

The damaged fan can cause the germ guardian UV light not to work. The fan is an important part, so if it is even damaged a little, the light will not work either.

If you want a solution, then it is simple: you need to disassemble the whole device. You can do this by removing the screws and then the covers.

You just need to reach the fan and check if it is broken. If the fan is damaged, you need to remove it and replace it with a new one. Then check the fan to see if it is working.

Clogging of filter

clogging of filter

It might be possible for the germ guardian to be not working if the filter is blocked or clogged. This will not allow the filter to work, and thus, the light will not work either.

The filter can be clogged because of dust or dirt. It might also be clogged because of the bending or breaking of ionization plates.

They play an important role in the filter. Them being bent or broken can cause this problem.

This problem can be removed by the proper cleaning of the filter and making sure that the plates are not bent or damaged at all. If they are damaged, you need to change them.

Need for resetting

Sometimes, the UV light is not working because the germ guardian needs to be resettled. It will not work if the device has broken circuits or a burnt bulb. But f the bulb is not burned, you can reset the whole device.

  • Just turn on the device and wait for the blinking of the red light.
  • When it blinks, you will see the reset option appearing.
  • Just push the button and hold it for the time, depending on the model.
  • The blinking will stop, and you can let go of the button.
  • Just restart the germ guardian, and you see the device has been reset.

Motor being frozen

The working of the germ guardian depends a lot on the motor. If the motor gets stuck, then the device will not function properly or function at all, and eventually, it will affect the UV light.

This might occur due to dust and dirt getting in the motor for some time, making it freeze in a spot.

This problem can also be solved by proper cleaning and maintenance of the motor. Make sure no dust enters the motor, and if it makes, sure you clean it so no dust or dirt might remain in the motor.


Is it easy to reset my germ guardian?

Yes, the steps to rest the germ guardian are very simple and easy to understand. It mostly depends upon the model and type of the device.

Is resetting the germ guardian useful?

Yes, resetting might prove very useful to you as it can solve problems like the working of a fan and even a bulb.


Germguardian uv light not working. The problems related to the germ guardian UV light not working have been listed and solved. You can do this at home or call the professionals of your choice.

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